Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Long and Short of It...

Hi, all. Are you prepared for a pretty long review of a lot of goodies from J. Crew and Boden? I hope so. In addition to the reviews, I have four photos of me with some outfits from the past month or so that involve wearing a skirt. Hence the title of the post...the long and short of it. (I know, groan...)

Above is the polyvore of the pieces that I will be reviewing in the first part of my post. From what I can tell the cardigans are insanely popular, while the skirts may be "hidden" loves.

Cardigan: J. Crew Infinity Cardigan, Paradise Blue, Size Extra-Small. HeidiG. and I were shopping a while ago and we saw this in the store, only one left, at 69.99, so she HIGHLY recommended I try it on. I wanted a small, but she said that the small would swamp my shoulders. I guess she is right, but there is no way this puppy is being buttoned at my hips, then. LOL. I would say size up if you have broader shoulders and you need extra room in the sleeves. I have small shoulders and pretty thin arms, so this size worked for me.
Skirt: J. Crew Dolce Tweed Mini, Size 10. I fell in LOVE with this around a month ago at the store and bought it as soon as I could get a discount. I sized up to a 10 because I wanted to wear it lower so that it would pass the "sit-down" test (see photos below). The fabric is so beautiful and the texture has a nice feel. I definitely believe sizing up is the only option, unless you are VERY petite.

Passes the "crossing my legs at the ankle sit-down" test. Won't be crossing my legs unless I am wearing tights. LOL.

Length finishes at mid-thigh.

See it on Ema for another look.
Umm, thank you, Ema, for having this ready for me today! (Very little searching required. Yay!)

Cardigan: J. Crew Dream V-Neck Cardigan, Heathered Nordic Blue, Size small. This fits well, may have been able to go with an extra-small, but the small will be great for layering. The color is incredibly luscious, may be one of my favorites ever, and that is saying something. I can't tell you about pilling as I have only worn it for this picture, but the color is worth the time spent with the fuzz-buster.
Skirt: Boden Upbeat Wool Mini, Size UK 12 Long, or US 8 Long. This is such a fun skirt...nice length, pretty colors, neat pattern. The shape is a tulip/pencil and is very flattering. The only beef I had with it was the first one I received had a bum zipper and I had to send it back. So far I have had no problems with the new one. (Crosses fingers.)

I felt very shiny and bright...a bit like a candle, really.

This was an outfit I wore a few weeks ago to hang out with some friends at a playdate. The girls loved the skirt. :)


Top: Anthropologie, Bordurette Tank, Size small. This has bits of sequins and lace and is very frilly...very Anthro.
Skirt: J. Crew Outlet, Wallpaper Mini, Size 8. I blogged about it a while back and have finally gotten around to wearing it. :)
Shoes: J. Crew, Size 10.

How very "Southern Preppy" of you, dinagideon.

That is a Liberty Print fabric on the skirt. I also own the jacket and the shirt. I am a sucker for a lovely print! :)

Top: J. Crew, Size Medium.
Skirt: J. Crew, Size 10 (?).
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft, Size 9.

Nature clearly calls for a little bling...

Wore this to a fun little "nature" party for a friend of CW's. Yeah, it isn't really "natural," but eh. It was comfortable, though!

Top: J. Crew, Size extra-small.
Skirt: Boden, Size UK 14 Long, US 10 Long.
Necklace: Fiona Paxton Silver Harley. Yum.

Preschool Run in a Pencil Skirt!

And finally, today's outfit!

Top: J. Crew outlet, Size 8. This abstract rose print Victoria cami is getting a bit big (the bust and armholes are baggy) but I still love it!
Skirt: J. Crew, Size 6. Stretch Double Serge Pencil Skirt, Mink Color. Size down in this skirt. Trust me.
Shoes: Cole Haan, Size 10.

You all have a great day!

P.S. I have NOT received my "Mickey" card. I pre-order collection items, I go to the store at least twice a month, and I buy at least a few items (including crewcuts) at sale prices each month. If I don't get it, I'll live (clearly) but I hope that makes some of you who didn't receive it feel better. At this point I would be surprised if it shows up at my house! :)