Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cocoon Concerto Coat...J. Crew Collection...

I am actually quite p-oed at J. Crew lately. Beyond the whole you now have a very limited time to do returns (used to be fairly open, then it went to no more than 90 days with store credit thereafter, and now it appears that we *may* get 60 days if it is an on-line purchase, 30 days if it is store purchase, and no store credit thereafter, even with an original receipt). You can see why I am so irritated in this post over at JCA. I think I explained myself well, but who knows if J. Crew will understand my negativity.

I am also p-oed at J. Crew because they have such BAD STYLING on their models at their internet site. Take for instance the lovely Cocoon Concerto Coat, which looked decent enough in the lookbook for me to place a pre-order. And then the item was dropped in the latest roll-out and it was all well...woof. The model is beautiful but it seems she may not be the best model to show off the cool mid-century/80s vibe of this coat. On her it just sits there looking like a very sad woolen sack of potatoes. Is it because this is not the best color for her or is it because the styling is just too much? Is she wearing the wrong size? Thoughts?

Okay, J. Crew, I will do your job for you. I will show how gorgeous this coat can actually be.

Coat: Size Small. This is my fave pose for this coat. I love the lines to it. I find it very chic, especially when paired with these fitted pants and ankle boots. Why couldn't J. Crew have used a pose like this with their model?

This is a very generous cut, except through the hips, where it comes back into a taper. I don't mind this but I would have hated it postpartum. That said the zipper is a double zipper so it can be zipped up a bit from the hips if you find it a bit tight through your bottom half.

I appreciate how the coat visually lengthens my shorter torso. Most things I wear don't give me that silhouette.

I love this particular styling for more casual moments. It is all zipped and buttoned up, but the top two buttons are undone and the collar is folded down a bit.

Also like it completely unbuttoned and completely unzipped. This will be a fine coat to wear on those bright, sunny fall days where it is just a touch too cold, yet still pleasant.

I didn't care for this version as much because I didn't like that it closed off my neckline. That said, I still prefer this styling to the version on

Here I buttoned up the top buttons and left the whole rest of it undone. Meh. Probably will not wear it this way.

Back of the coat. I feel like it makes an impression entering and leaving. ;)

Some last thoughts:
1. It is unlined. For a Collection piece I wanted a lining, but I find that the piece is still exceptional enough for me to keep. I really loved how I have NOTHING like this in my closet and I can truly see its potential. (And I do believe this will not be an item that I will want to return--now with the new policy I need to be VERY sure if I plan on buying anything early in the season.)
2. It is a nice, soft wool, but I still fear that some of the more sensitive JCAs may find it itchy.
3. I really liked how the sleeves looked rolled up one time, flattering for the arms.
4. The original Collection lookbook image shows a button at the very top of the stand-up collar. That is gone. I have no idea looked cute!

Hope this helped some of you! :)