Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ambling Twists Tank in Real Life...and a Jig from Rex!

QUICK REMINDER! Do you know a stylish mom? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check out this post. I need nominees! I have a few, but need more... :) THANK YOU!

Can I just tell you how much I love Rex doing the jig?

Size Small. This is the Ambling Twists Tank by Anthropologie, and I adore it. I love the color, the knotting, and the fit. And as added bonus, it is the one top in my entire wardrobe that actually works with these light denim chambray cocktail capris (was a J. Crew in-store only color--spring 2009). Seriously, the ONLY top. It only took me a WHOLE year to find something that worked well with them. Gah. True to size, and if you can find it, I say "snap it up!"
Pants: Size 8. Awesome, yummy cocktail capris from Spring 2009. Even though I complained about the difficulty I had matching the light blue version, I think I have them in every color, nice workhorse pants that can be worn even when it is super-hot (as it was today--anyone want to try 95 and full humidity on for size?).
Shoes: Size 10. If you look closely, you will see that the footbed is the same Liberty Print fabric as my much-loved shirt (Thanks, Ema!).

As I am so very tired and kind of done, I will bid you all farewell. :) Sleep well.