Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mommy Style Monday #10--Calling All Stylish Mommies!!!

Image courtesy of SheFinds
Doesn't Naomi Watts look so utterly perfect in this picture? She radiates (in my opinion) the essence of what "Mommy Style" is...effortless clothing choices, subtle, yet beautiful makeup, exceptional accessories, and of course, she looks right at home holding her adorable son.

I promise, this pause in my series of Mommy Style Mondays will be worth it when you find out what I next want to do...

I am bringing my posts to the next level and asking for you, all my dear, sweet bloggie friends to put your thinking caps on and tell me who you think I should INTERVIEW on their "Mommy Style." (And, yes, it is 100% okay to nominate yourself, in fact, I EXPECT IT! LOL.)

The process will be incredibly painless (a la Ms. Watts style).

First, I will receive the e-mail stating that you or someone you know should be interviewed for a Mommy Style Monday. (My e-mail is dinagideon AT aim DOT com, by the way!)

Second, I will e-mail the Mommy (or respond back if you nominate yourself) a list of questions that I would like you or your nominee to answer regarding "Mommy style."

Third, I will ask that you take a photo of yourself (and the photo does not need to have the head if privacy is a concern) showing off your best version of "Mommy Style."

Fourth, you or your nominee will e-mail the photo and answers back to me, which I will then publish on an upcoming Monday.

I have not been in a rut, but I wanted to take my Mommy Style Mondays further and I really feel like finding out how other mommies (who have very full lives) do it all and stay stylish!!!

I hope that I get a lot of nominees!!! I look forward to this mini-series in my column's future!

P.S. If any of you want me to interview Naomi Watts and have her e-mail, I would be more than pleased to ask her the same questions I am posing for the rest of you FAB moms out there! ;)