Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where to Find the Tiered Lace Cami, Outlet Style...

Ooh, you all were excited by this top! :) I received so many inquiries on how to find this cami that instead of answering all the e-mails and comments individually (which I normally would love to do--that said today has been crazy busy), I will just post the info here.

(Note--J. Crew Outlets whose numbers I post here--look at the phone calls you are receiving as GOOD for business and be nice to my dear, sweet, kind readers who really want to get this top from you. SWAK!)

Item # (this is from the receipt): NA6295. Remember this top also comes in a black colorway.

Phone #s of the two stores we have had luck finding the camis at: 860-664-3528 (in Connecticut), and 845-928-4400 (Woodbury Commons, I don't know which state that is in...).

If you all find it, report back, please! If you have luck at another store, would you also mind reporting back with that info, as well?

Thank you all. :) Have a great night, and GOOD LUCK!