Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tiered Lace Cami...Outlet Style.

Remember this beauty from last fall that everyone was all swooning over? And what about the Lacey Top, this year's version? Still not sure that you can swing it? I agree...over $500 for a cami is a lot of money, no matter how special the lace is...

So what is a girl to do who loves the frill and romance of the lace but can't afford it? Why, it's Super-Greg (read more about him here) to the rescue! In late July, dear Super-Greg gave me a little look-see at the Outlet look-book for the fall (basically a set of photos in a binder for the managers of each outlet to keep for how to set up shop) and I gasped upon seeing the Tiered Lace Cami on one of the mannequins in one of the photos.

I said, "Super-Greg, do you think you all will get this in your store?" To which he replied, "no, as we are not super-special enough to get Outlet Collection pieces." And to which I said, "one, there are Collection pieces for the outlet, and two, you are Super-Greg, shouldn't that make this store SUPER SPECIAL?"

He, being super, said that he would put an all-call out to find me the cami at one of the stores. He, not ten minutes later, had located it, but only in black. It appears that the ivory colored one was not yet available. I declined to purchase the black, but insisted that he continue to use his super-powers to find the ivory.

Fast forward, he did find it! And he called me! SWAK, Super-Greg. And then I heard the price. $198. Even for a wonderfully, beautifully made Outlet Collection piece of which there are only a few in existence, it is still a lot of money for someone who doesn't make a lot of money (subbing doesn't pay very well, especially in summer--har de har har). I told him I would have to think about it. It took me six hours, but I figured out how I could do it. A combo of the rewards card and the extra money I have made selling clothes on ebay helped pay for it! Woo. And they allowed for my teacher discount, so that took it down a bit.

So am I happy with it? You had better believe it! Above is a set I created using last year's image of the cami (the one I own is almost a dead-ringer, just not all frou-frou silk or rayon lace specially herded from the French Alps or whatever) along with some existing pieces I already had in my wardrobe. I wore this on Sunday to an outing with some of the other JCAs and the ladies loved it so much that two of them asked for the style # and phone # of the store I bought it from. I would say that it was popular. :)

It was VERY early when I took this, like 7 am. Yes, I was up and ready to go at 7 am on a Sunday. :)

Top: Size 4. Stay with your current J. Crew cami size.
Cardigan: Size small. This is the featherweight cashmere cardigan in the warm peacock color. Yum, love this color.
Pants: Size 6. These are the matte jersey curator pants. I have to say I am pleased that I bought them. They have a nice feel, no wrinkling, and the shape and color are very versatile.
Shoes: Size 9.5. Probably would have worn a different pair if I had more time that morning. These make the outfit a bit heavy, although some might say the sandals give an edgier feel to a fairly romantic outfit (that is what bits of lace and silk ribbon will do to ya!).

Close up of the cami. I don't know what the lining is, but it feels like silk. If it isn't silk, it is the nicest poly-blend ever. The lace itself is made from nylon and poly, and in my opinion, that makes for a very durable lace. I don't know how much I will wear it around the kids, but I didn't feel like I had to tip-toe around it, which is a relief. The sash is for sure 100% silk. I belted it twice around my waist and tied it in a knot.

Later that morning, Cleo26 (hi, girl!) untucked the second tier from the belt and changed the whole look of the top. She was right and I preferred her version (mine seems a bit high-waisted).

And, on that note, what I am wearing today. Get ready for old school J. Crew...I have had this maxi-dress since (cough, cough, wheez, wheez) 1995. Yes. 15 years. I celebrate it today for two reasons...

1. I brought it with me to my study abroad program at Harlaxton in Grantham, England. I wore it at least once a week. And since it is my (OMG, I am so old) 15th anniversary of studying abroad, I thought I should wear it again.


2. I finally found it. It was in some box or another while I was pregnant and/or nursing, and it just. didn't. fit. properly. Now it does. Holla!

Would I actually wear this out in public? Umm, no. Thank you for asking, though.

Have a great day!