Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What I Have Been Doing Instead of What I Should Be Doing...

Okay, I know I have e-mails to send and comments to respond to and posts to publish, but when there is $2000 at stake ($1000 for the blogger who sponsors this contest and $1000 for the creator of the winning blogger's favorite set), then I have to say all things can take a back seat.

Interested in helping Fabulous Florida Mommy to BE THAT BLOGGER that wins the $1000? Check out her post on this contest for more information.

Above are the FIVE sets I have created for this contest. I actually have had a LOT of fun making these sets, and I love the items that FFM chose for this contest. It is nice to use REALLY high-end items for the sets...they look so luxurious and colorful and sophisticated.

You all have a great day, and I believe I can tear myself away from Polyvore to do another post today. LOL. :)