Friday, August 6, 2010

Good on You, Garnet Hill...

Wow. 5 days? Yowza. Okay, no real news to report except that I have been busy, so that is good, right? Only day with a migraine this week was today, and I slept/froze it off (LOVE ice packs) so while I might be a little "fuzzy" still, I can at least write. :) (Sort of...I could look back at this post and be all, "girl you crazy.")

Oh, and I have FIVE new followers. Yay! That may be the most I have ever gotten in such a short period of time. Thank you! And welcome!

Very simple post today for a very simple, yet I feel, very chic outfit. This is a SAHM outfit, btw, and one I LOVED wearing the whole day. It is meant to be part of my Summer Sundressing series, but as it is Garnet Hill, it is the only sundress I own by them (I have a smattering of pieces here and there--great company with great quality fabrics, so you know), so it gets its own post.

BTW, doesn't Edda LOOK BEAUTIFUL in this catalog shot? Yes, I love it all...they have fab stylists at Garnet Hill.

On me. See? For a SAHM outfit, it is pretty chic. I definitely could have gone out for dinner al fresco with hubby after! (We didn't, for the record--sad face.) LOL.

Extra-Small. This knit tiered sundress runs REALLY large. Like so large that the only part that truly fits well is the upper-half. That bottom half has a lot of fullness, so beware if you are shorter than me and smaller than a J. Crew size 2. I am so glad I read the reviews and went with my gut and got the smallest size they offer. The animal print is very subtle and works nicely on this dress. The cotton is uber-soft, as well. (Oh, if you follow that link to the sold-out sundress, you will see that it costs $999,999. Must be really popular if it cost that much and is sold-out. Good thing I bought it when it was on sale!)
Shoes: 9.5. These are the Cynthia Vincent for Target Gladiator Sandals. These bugged me for a while. My left foot fit perfectly but my right foot the darn thing was nearly falling off. So I stretched out the left foot side so at least it would "feel" the same while I was walking. Any of you ever have that happen to you, or am I the only foot freak of nature?

You all have a GREAT DAY and NIGHT! :)