Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Indigo Floral Frances Cami (Try Saying that Three Times Fast)...

Oh, you all. Glad to be back to blogging. SMILE. :)

Yesterday I had a root canal. And I am not done. How many of you knew that a root canal is sometimes a four-part process? (Slastena, you do not count as you are the queen of all things teeth...LOL!) I just finished part one, in other words, the actual cleaning of the root canals. No, I will not explain what actually happens (ewwww), but it isn't fun. I now have to look forward to:
1) they fill in my root canals with a special substance made from tropical trees (no, not kidding)...
2) they place a "fake" crown on my tooth for a few weeks...
and finally,
3) they place the permanent crown on my tooth.

I will be done with this all by late September. Yes, late September. As in one and a half months from now. Woo-hoo!

Add to that the fun of a mid-August MRI and yay, Dina, we should consider naming August the month of "Health!" Any other fun procedures out there for me to try? (I will bite the person who says colonoscopy. Ha.)

Alright, let's move on to fun things! FASHION! :)

This is the Indigo Floral Frances Cami I bought from the outlet about a month ago. My man Greg pulled it for me in a size 4 and I fell. in. love. I already adore the Frances Cami (so versatile, love it in the summer by itself and swoon over it in the cooler months with a jacket or cardi).

I hope you all know who my man Greg is. He is the 100% awesome, fab, chill man in charge over at the Potomac Mills outlet. Okay, he may not be THE big boss man, but he is #1 in my heart--retail heart, we know Mr. Dina is #1 in my bigger, squishy, big ole hole in the heart, HEART--off track, come back now...that said GO SEE GREG if you are in this area, he is very very good at what he does. (And what else has he done to help silly ole me? You shall see in a later post. Promise!)

Okay, so I have no idea if you local outlet will carry this lovely top anymore but it is worth a call if you like it. I think I got it for around 20 dollars after clearance and any additional discounts were applied.

And this photo is only for those of you who have some desire to see the whole outfit. IMO, the top makes it and the rest is a bit of fluff. (Except baby CW who is way WAY WAY more than fluff...what exactly she is doing back there, I have no clue, but I can tell you it isn't cleaning. Ha.)

Pants: Cropped Seersucker Zipper Pant, Size 8. Could have sized down, but I don't really care if they are loose. It's summertime and the size 8 was SO COMFORTABLE. And the zippers, while WACKY, take Southern Preppy to a whole new level. (What level? I don't just does.)
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft (just can't call it the Loft--likewise, still call KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken), Size 9.

Have a nice night all. Talk soon!

P.S. One doc says I can't eat any "real" food for 8 days. I am only allowed smoothies, baby food, shakes, and the like. I have "eaten" maybe 750 calories today, and topped with a glass of wine (thank GOODNESS that is not verboten) I am a little "happy." So if I seem a little odd, blame the lack of "eating" and the overabundance of "drinking." LOL.