Monday, August 2, 2010

Mommy Style Monday #9--Chop Off Her Head...

LOL. I am not referring to wanting to chop off my own head because my migraines are so very terrible (although I would be lying if I didn't admit to thinking it every so often), rather I refer to a simple styling tip that I use each and every single day to determine whether or not I should wear an outfit. Yes, I physically "chop" my own head off in pictures so I can tell whether or not the outfit itself looks good on me by pretending I am looking at someone who is not me (I find it really hard to evaluate myself when looking at myself, face, smile, and eyes, it is like I don't want to let myself down by admitting a particular outfit doesn't work.)

Below you will see three outfits on me...all of them eventually received the thumbs up from me, but all three outfits had to pass the "chopped" test first.

There are six photos, the first of each set has the outfit with no head, and the second set of each outfit has me all smile-y and happy with my outfit. :)

BTW, none of these are taken and then I look at the photo to determine. I take the photos first and then I evaluate after the whole set is taken. If I have to change something, I will then re-take the photos after the change.

First up is the Ruched V-Neck Dress, in the neon peach colorway, size extra-small. It was offered in an extra-extra small (craziness, I tell ya), so I knew to size down.

Without my head I see that the top half fits well, and highlights the shoulders. The bottom is a bit full, but fortunately nothing that over-emphasizes my hips.

Status after "chopping?" Thumbs up, but not a home run. Great look for just hanging out and being a SAHM.

BTW, this is the outfit I wore today. ;)

I do have to say the outfit looks better with the smile. LOL.

The second outfit is one I wore out to dinner with the person whose torso is *just* peeking into the pic (more on that person in the second pic).

I was REALLY worried that the pants would be too garish, and without the head, they do look very much over the top, but not enough for me to change. I like the way the navy flip-flops and the light tee with the embellished shrimp (in a very complementary color to the pants) work well to *sort of* tone down the pants. (And since I love Boden and old school J. Crew, I will always have a fondness for very colorful clothing and a paisley print done just right.)

Status after "chopping?" Yes it's a keeper, but I do realize how much what you pair with these kind of crazy prints make a huge difference.

And there he bro. I think we look just alike in this pic. (Oh, and for what it is worth, he loved the outfit, especially the shrimp.)

The third outfit contains what I truly consider my most garish, over the top item from my closet...the large ikat peach and yellow bermuda shorts. I have been tempted to get rid of them in the past, but I just love the warmth and happiness of them, so I just. can't. do. it.

No head means I can see that these are truly a pair of shorts for those not faint of heart (even if the person wearing them does have a hole in their heart--snort, had to add that). That said, the yellow top matches just so, and the neon peach flip-flops are a great little shoe to make the outfit.

Status after "chopping?" The shorts get some more time in my closet. I also know that keeping it simple helps...notice I am wearing absolutely no jewelry (outside of my rings and one fun bracelet).

Still looks better with a head. :)

And because I have to be fair and show you the not so good, here are three photos of one outfit: the first pic shows how the outfit as planned didn't work AT ALL, the next photo shows how the outfit (in its original form) did have some potential, and finally how I ended up styling the outfit to go out (still not good, but eh, no one threw tomatoes). I am doing this not to humiliate myself but to show you that I actually follow my own advice.

EEEWWW! Yeah, it all kind of really looks bad. The shirt should be tucked in, the necklace is too dark for the pants, the pants probably need a different style top, the purse is a whole lot of extra too much, and the sandals are too pale to even ground the bad outfit.

I definitely ripped this sweater and necklace off as I couldn't change pants or top (we were running late).

That said, imagine if this top was with a pair of dark denim straight leg pants, top properly tucked in, and with a fierce pair of booties? Yeah, much, much better.

But since it is summer and my legs don't go ANYWHERE near denim when it is hot out, I stuck with the pants, kept the top untucked and then used a much less conspicuous necklace.

Status after "chopping?" At best a "C." Kind of sad, but again, no one threw tomatoes.

Hope this is something you will all consider doing in the future. You don't have to have a blog, either, just grab a digital camera and take them of yourself (like I have often done) or have someone in your house grab one of you. Then cover your head with your thumb as you are previewing the pic, and really take a good. close. look. at your outfit. I am so glad I did in that last outfit, I tell ya!

P.S. I spent the day working on my Arbonne business (I am off to a GREAT start, so thank you all for your support) and on making drs. appts, as well as doing the typical SAHM stuff. I did reply back to one of the previous posts, but have not for the past two...they are on my list and if you all know me by now, you know I will reply back. PROMISE! ;)