Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Daisy Day and a Hammock, Please!

The outfit you all saw me in yesterday's post was not actually yesterday's outfit. Nope, I actually wore that pretty little Frances cami about three weeks ago, but felt it was time to let it out of its Picasa 3 prison and let it shine. (There are about 20 outfits still waiting to be released from Picasa Prison as of 3:23 PM Eastern Time, 8/12/10. Poor outfits!)

Speaking of yesterday's post...I need you all to understand that it was one of my molars that is having the root canal and not one of the other (read: simpler) teeth. Turns out I have four chambers that had to be cleaned and emptied, which is why I only have had that done. That is also the reason I am on such a strict diet (SO VERY HUNGRY, btw)...I have very little left under the very delicate dental cap right now, so chewing on real food (mmm, beef) and compromising the cap would be very bad.

My dentist is AWESOME, and I know that some of you have had very successful endodontic procedures done that don't require a million hours of work (yes, a bit of hyperbole on my part), and for that I say, BRAVO. I wish I could have the same experience. :) But I will tell you all something, I am going to do everything in my power to prevent this from ever happening again!

Onto easy, breezy simple SAHM fashion!

Size medium. I like these basic tanks by J. Crew, but this puppy is quite long and the straps are very very VERY long. I need to wash this and dry this on high heat to make it less big. It only looks okay here because I tucked it in...had I not, the tank hem would have been very near the skirt hem (ooh, attractive!).
Skirt: Size 2. This is the Daisy Day skirt from the J. Crew collection made from the always beautiful Liberty Print Fabric.
Shoes: These are Japanese and were purchased at the Japan Pavilion at Epcot Center years ago. Aren't they cool?

I wore this yesterday to take the kids out for the entire day. Long story short...our bathroom is now pink, thanks to an amazing tile repair guy out of Ashland, VA (Jeff Harnish of PTR--in case any of you locally need this sort of work done) who took the paint off of the original tile. Yes, I am a fan of the Pink Bathroom. I figure if it worked for families in the '60s, why can't it work for us now? (Yep, we have a blue bathroom, too.) (BTW, Jeff did NOT laugh at our desire to go back to a pink bathroom so I give him an enthusiastic TWO thumbs up!)

But Jeff uses really awful, caustic chemicals to strip the paint, so we had to be out of the house for 6 straight hours. In this outfit I went to Whole Foods (yummy organic baby food, anyone?), to Rex's preschool, to the bank, and finally to the pool for a dip in the cool, oh so chill waters.

The outfit held up well. No, I didn't wear the skirt into the pool. I wore this Lomellina beauty instead.

Have to add a linen button-down when dealing with the possibility of frozen air (at Whole Foods). This is from Summer 2007 and is a size medium.

Dress: Size small. This is the lovely cotton Hammock dress that is still (somehow) at full price over at J. Crew. It is short, so I limit its public appearances to only the hottest and most humid days (umm, well, I guess that means every. darn. day. this summer).
Shoes: Size 9-10. These are the Kohl's capri sandal knock-offs that I have had forever.
Necklace: Target Seahorse long necklace.

Wore this today for a playdate at our house. Rex is 3.5 today and wanted to have friends over to celebrate. Good times! (Remember when we looked forward to our half-birthdays? Now, I just hide under the covers every New Year's Day...thank goodness my half-birthday falls on a holiday!)

Have a fab day, and remember, take it easy. :)