Friday, August 20, 2010

Showing Boden Some Long Overdue Love...

Oh, you all! I love the comments I have been getting lately, so sweet! I have been a bit over-extended, hence my not commenting back, but I have read them all and loved them all, so thank you!

I have also been neglecting my very good friend, Johnnie, you know Mr. Boden? He is so good to me, always making things that fit me just so and in such luscious prints and colors. I have been wearing his stuff, I just haven't celebrated it lately. So I make up for that today with a Boden-centered post. (With that said, Johnnie, if you feel so inclined, I would totally LOVE a *free* trip to your headquarters in England, just sayin'. LOL.)

Above is the polyvore of the outfit I wore to have my MRI in. Okay, admittedly, I didn't really wear *this* outfit IN the MRI, but I wore it to the MRI place. (I wore scrubs in the MRI.) Can I just swoon over this silk tunic? I HEART it so much. And I almost overlooked it! It came out last season and I must have missed it amongst all my troll-ing over at The other day I was poking around the fall stuff and I happened on the clearance section and saw it and took a chance, knowing I might return it. Now? I WILL DO NO SUCH THING. I think we have a winner. :)

Size Medium. J. Crew from Spring 2008. I bought these out when they went on sale in four colors, and I am glad I did, I wear them all the time.
Tunic/Dress: Size UK 12, US 8. This silk tunic is a dress, although I guess if you are VERY tall, it may be best to wear it with leggings or tights. It is still for sale, and if you love a particular color and it appears sold out in your size, try again another day as it may be back in stock.
Shoes: Size 9-10. These are from Vera Bradley and they have a very subtle "Sittin in a Tree" pattern on the sole.

And baby's outfit? All J. Crew and Target. Her smile is also very real, and unlike the rest of the world, cannot be bought. ;)

No cardigan in this shot. I only wore the cardigan at the hospital. Still August here in the swamp known as Northern Virginia.

(Quick side note: I don't know what my MRI revealed, but they gave me the CD with the pics of my brain, and of course I snuck a brain is BEAUTIFUL. I will know more at my next neurologist's appt. on August 31, 2010. I am not worried, as I KNOW I can get through all of this--God has given me that strength!)

And yesterday's outfit. (Also a Boden product, but Johnnie B. style!)
Size Medium. This is the Jersey Broderie Dress and is all sold out. :( I think that they make FAR fewer Johnnie B. items as it is a relatively new line and I don't think Boden is willing to over-do it and have too much stock sitting around. It also came in a navy colorway, but I have approximately 1,984,352 navy jersey dresses for summertime, and I don't need another. Sea Lion (fancy way of saying brown)? Sure, I can use another. :) Comfy, swingy, and VERY casual, this is the PERFECT way to be a SAHM.
Shoes: Size 10. These are from back when J. Crew was okay with making grosgrain flip-flops in many different patterns and styles. I think they had two grosgrain patterns this summer, and they both kind of were ugly. Sad.

One last polyvore...above I have put the J. Crew stadium-cloth Milo coat against the Boden Greenwich Reefer coat. Sure there are differences, but with Boden constantly running some special or another, AND with free shipping (and sometimes returns), the Greenwich Reefer eeks out a win in my mind. (And that is why I ordered it. LOL.)

If you are an Arbonne client of mine and you DID NOT receive today's August specials e-mail OR you would like to be on my e-mail list, please e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com. My e-mail server has been a bit wacky lately, and I want to make sure that you all got today's specials (they are REALLY good). :)

Have a great day, and remember, give Johnnie B. some love!