Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Sun-Dressing: Target Edition!

Hi! Today I give you another edition of my summer series on the very, truly awesome summer sundress...Target style.

I don't know what it is about this super-low cost retailer, but they can churn out some lovely summer sundresses. Every women's (and girl's) brand that they carry has some perfect options out there for those sultry, humid, sunny, and hot days we seem to have in superfluity (heehee) around here.

Let us begin!

Dress: Target's Merona Collection, Size 8. Bought last winter for a steal in the clearance section. I know it looks really nice on my shape, but I will be honest with was a bit too clingy and because it was SO humid outside, I kind of felt uncomfortable. I wore this to church, but because my darling CW was pretty awful, I had to go outside with her and there you go...discomfort central. Maybe the early fall will be kinder to me when I wear this dress again.
Shoes: J. Crew Dani suede peep-toes, Size 9.5. The irish moss color is exactly the right hue to match the merona dress.
Necklace: A Chico's Find! :) (My one and only item from Chico's!) I have to say I normally bypass Chico's but a friend of mine was DYING in Palm Springs from the heat and she needed to find some shorts. They didn't really have anything for her, but they did have this necklace. It is a lovely layering piece and I know it will work with many of my wardrobe staples.

Baby is all blurry, look at that...most shots we take are with the flash, but this day it was all natural lighting, so the shutter just captured her slight little movement!

She is wearing all Target, too, btw.

Shot of just me for you to see the details a bit better (read: a bit less blurry).

Dress: Liberty of London for Target Girl's (!!!) Sundress, Size X-Large. I wear this mainly as a cover-up and as a lounge around the house kind of dress. It is amazingly comfy.
Shoes: J. Crew flip-flops. I am definitely addicted to J. Crew flip-flops...have them in almost every color, and I find that as a swim coach, I actually have a use for them beyond the summer. Size 10.

Baby CW is dancing a jig in her cute as a patchwork button Gymboree romper.

And because I have been the lamest Polyvore-er in these past few weeks, I present to you a Target special polyvore to make up for my absence.

Dress: Liberty of London Martha Grace Halter Dress, Size Small. I bought this after seeing how pretty this print was in baby CW's romper. I find this style of dress is very comfortable and flowy, which was awesome on the day I wore it as it was about a thousand degrees outside. (And you think I am kidding...the thermometer in the car read 738 degrees...and we know that the car. never. lies.)
Shoes: Size 9.5 from Circa Joan and David. Love you, great walking shoes with a bit of edge for this SAHM.

CW is in the Martha Grace romper.

Scene from that day:
Lady: {Screaming from across the street.} OMG, that is QUITE possibly the CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTEST thing I have ever seen.
Me: {Trying to yell back, not very good at it.} I know, she (CW) looks so CUTE. I think I will keep her.
Lady: {Still screaming.} NO! I mean, yes, she is cute, but I meant your outfits. I DIE! SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!
Me: {Laughing.} Oh! Well, thank you!

The mommy/baby matching outfits worked their precious power. Hahahaha, they will rule the world with their power!!! (Can you even imagine? The matching outfits going to the UN to try and bring peace to the world...LOL.)

Dress: Mossimo Girl's Dress, Size X-Large. Yes, I might be a bit crazy with my dipping into the girl's section, but at $15 a pop and a great return policy, I am not exactly being daring. I love this dress and found that the belt and shoes really helped turn this dress from being too sweet and young to being a bit more "developed." :)
Belt: J. Crew Elastic Blossoms Belt, Size small. Yes, please...this belt is perfection, exactly what my waist need when I want to emphasize it, but with the frayed and bleached black blossoms, it is very unique and special. When I put it with this sundress, I smiled. It made me that happy.
Shoes: Boden Snake-Print Sandals. Size 41. Nice, light, all leather shoes. If you miss the all-leather shoes that J. Crew used to offer (now only Collection shoes are all leather), then go to Boden. Every bit of them is leather from soles to uppers.

Okay. I am going to show what a geek I am here, so if you want to continue to think of dinagideon as cool and hip (snort, haha, lol), then don't continue reading.

I LOVED the show My Two Dads growing up, and as the single daughter of a single father, I totally identified with Staci Keanan's character (that is her in the pic above--taken in 2007). Last night I decided to do a "where are they now" google search for some of my most favorite characters from '80s sitcoms. And I stumbled upon Staci Keanan and all of her adorable-ness. She is still acting (awesome) and obviously has great taste. :) You have seen this dress before, remember? So, girl, you go with your bad self and keep enjoying these nice, inexpensive Target dresses. (If a Hollywood actress can get thee to Target to find dresses, the rest of us can, too!)

Thank you all for reading...and for writing back. I have read EVERY. SINGLE. COMMENT. you all have written over the past two days and I have to say that I am heart-warmed by your love and concern. I am still very early in this whole "let's fix Dina's head and heart thing," but knowing that I have an amazing support system is huge. (Tear.) ;)

When I get some time today I am going to write every. single. one. of you back. :)