Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NC and an MC...Plus a Bling Blossom!

Hey, all. Long time. My fault! Is it normal for a cold to last over a week...and...to completely wear you out? Or should I just blame the children? LOL.

I kid. In reality, I was already run down LAST week when I finished up the Fall into Fashion class and then ran off to North Carolina. Probably not the best idea we have ever had, but come on now...could I ever say no to seeing the amazing DJ Lance Rock and his crew from Yo Gabba Gabba? Yeah, I thought you all would agree. :) (Get it now? The title? NC--where we went, and MC--DJ Lance Rock? The Bling Blossom will be explained later...)

Also, before picture time...I got two more followers today! (Whee!) I have gotten probably five or six total in the past month, but here's the crazy thing...I would get a follower, go up to 228 total, then one follower would drop the VERY. NEXT. DAY, so I would be back to 227 (great show, btw). This happened twice! The new follower wouldn't be the one to drop, it would be someone else. So bizarre. I feel like I am Jerry Seinfeld, if I throw a dollar out a window, I find four quarters in a vending machine.

First full day in NC, same day we go to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live, I wear an homage to the great DJ himself by finding my BRIGHTEST orange tee. I chose not to be derivative this year. (Seriously people, click on the link. Trust me...find the second picture.)

Tee is vintage (using the term loooooooosely here) Pink Victoria's Secret. I never buy VS anymore, but loved this tee when I saw it four or five years ago. The jeans are the Amore Wash Ankle Toothpick Jeans from J. Crew, and the shoes are Cole Haan Janine Penny Mocs (as best I can tell). I scored all three for very little. I think the total outfit may be under $100. (Not saying much, I realize, but Cole Haans? Usually a pretty dear penny.)

Pics of actual concert time are at the bottom. ;)

Above is the polyvore of the second full day we were in NC. That day I wanted to feel pretty, yet comfy. I love the tie-dyed Wednesday skirt more than I expected to...really does work with many items in my wardrobe, including the four above in the polyvore. (And yes, that is the Bling Blossom necklace. And yes, I am probably the only person who bought it. Not full price. You don't have to stress about that, people.)

Top: Sparkle Waves Henley, in store only color of ivory, extra small.
Cardigan: Michelle Merino Cardigan, Light Pink (Blush), medium. I have had this forever. Such a lovely cardigan, like the forever and infinity cardigans, but a little looser and less long.
Skirt: Tie-Dyed Wednesday Skirt, size 6. Person who bought it before me was bigger than a 6, wore it, stretched out the side seams (they are ruined), returned it, I bought on pop-back, saw issue, and got over it. I think I will sew up ruined seams (yay, sewing machine!), but had this been any other skirt, I would have read J. Crew the riot act. Too bad I really really wanted this skirt.
Necklace: Bling Blossom Necklace. I loved it in the lookbook (was on very last two pages) but when I heard it was $175, I said, "for that?" "ooh, that's too much for me right now." So I waited, and watched, and waited, and watched. When it went on sale I pounced...with the help of the 25% off card that Mickey gave us. Thank goodness for great red phone service. So question is...do I love it? Yes, yes, I do. Since you all know me as a huge fan of statement necklaces, this one fills the same qualities...big, fun, not serious or conservative, and really, really bling-y. It isn't too heavy, and the rosettes are quite beautiful in real life. And considering my husband's tolerance for all things "weird" (read: he has no tolerance), the fact that he said NOTHING regarding this necklace means it's okay in his book.

Oh, there's my head. ;) Look at Rex back there, all ready to go.

Rex in his Brobee hat. He lasted about twenty minutes before he flung it off. He was angry for about an hour of the hour and a half concert because he thought it looked too much like a movie. REX HATES MOVIE THEATERS. Loud Audible Sigh. Fortunately it was really loud in the coliseum that day (huh, toddlers, bright lights, loud music, balloons, etc., what a shock) so his wails were drowned right out. Thank goodness he calmed down for part of the time so he could enjoy part of the show. Those tickets are expensive! Regardless, this is a really cute pic, almost rexdorable.

"Yes, they are mine, officer." (Replaced with "who are these darn rugrats?" when confronted with all manners of bad behavior. Unfortunately, Rex is my doppelganger so that statement only works in complete darkness.)

Foofa #1 (CW) finds Foofa #2.

Agh!  My original paragraph was here and now it is GONE!  Sob.  Said some nice things about how much CW LOVED the concert.  Included bits about her seizing up in happiness at start of concert; concert being like her version of catnip; how balloons made her glee-ful; how she helped spread love of balloons by getting balloons to kids who were so very sad and blue that they didn't get any; and how this photo is one of the only shots of her where she wasn't LITERALLY dancing in the aisles.  Sigh.  I guess my tired little synopsis will have to do.  I hate/love you Blogger.

And finally, one of my favorites from the show, the ever-awesome Leslie Hall (Super Fly, she is). Who is Leslie Hall? Well, you can read more here. And I highly recommend you watch this video clip of her from the show, and this clip of her slightly crazily avant-garde video.  I recognize that I have fallen into full-on Hipster Parent Paradise by showing you this photo.  Maybe I will be getting more followers from the hipster community (if they can bear my politics and my penchant for all things Taco Bell/Popeye's). 

Look forward to chatting with you all soon. :) Plan to get to comments eventually. Before November. Promise (and no my fingers aren't crossed. LOL.)