Monday, October 18, 2010

A Babergh Here, a Zoya There...

Hi, all! Happy Monday from a (slightly) overextended momma. As you know I have been teaching a fashion class to upper elementary kids the past two weeks, but what you may not have known is that I clearly sipped some crazy juice and decided that Friday was the ideal day to leave directly from school and travel to North Carolina with my family so we could visit friends AND see Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE in concert. We got back after midnight last night. I think, based on the past two weeks, I may need to take about 50 hours of sleep to recover. (In fact, it will definitely be "nap-nap" time after I write this blog post. Snooz.)

I will be showcasing my North Carolina outfits at some point soon (including IRL pics of the babies in all their Yo Gabba Gabba glory), but not today. Today is clearly a day meant for some Anthro. So here goes...

I have made ONE polyvore since last Monday. One. That is sad...but at least it is a pretty set. Above is the outfit I wore to my Fall Into Fashion class last Thursday. We had dubbed Thursday our dress-up party day, and since we were invited to the "Planning Perfect Parties" class down the hall, I knew that this amazing cream-colored party dress would be exactly the right outfit!

Aah, the Babergh dress.

Dress: Size 6, Floreat (Anthropologie brand). I realize this is now sold out (in fact, I willingly paid full price--gulp--two days before this beauty sold out on-line), but just in case you all see it somewhere, it is helpful to know what size I took. I almost went with an 8, but couldn't as that size sold out super-fast. I was nervous the 6 wouldn't fit, but in the end every. measurement. was. EXACTLY. right. In fact, this is the dress that will keep me honest about maintaining my weight as it is right now. I forever want to be able to wear this incredibly feminine and romantic frock.

This dress has felt the LOVE from multiple bloggers...there are far too many to name, but I will link to Anjali, as she IS the blogger who put me over the edge in deciding to purchase it for myself. LOVE it on her...

Note: This is not a full-length shot as I was wearing quite possibly the worst pair of shoes to wear with the dress.  My hubby was the reason I even thought to take them off.  He saw me in them, gagged (how delicate, Mr. Dina), and said, "off now."  I looked at the photographic evidence...muttered quietly that he was right and moved on to find more appropriate footwear.  I hate it when he is right.  I thought I was the fashion blogger.  LOL.  :)

To make matters worse, I moved onto a better pair of shoes only to make the stupidest face ever. Agh. But...indulge me...take the bottom half and add it to the top half and I think you get the drift. I felt heavenly that day. The dress is pretty darn magical.

Dress: Size 8, Tabitha (not the amazing British blogger with legs that go on for miles but another Anthro brand). I had tried the Zoya dress on in a size 10 in the store, but in the end went with an 8 to better fit my top. The 8 fits okay through the hips, and I found that by the end of the day, the skirt had stretched out, so the 10 would have been a bit loosey-goosey.
Shoes: Size 9.5, Aerosoles. Yes, I said Aerosoles. These shoes were insanely popular amongst my Fashion proteges. :)
Necklace: Special Cuckoo Clock necklace that my dad and step-mom bought for me a few years ago from a fab jewelry designer known as Pade Vavra.  Yum.  Check it out close-up here.

I hope you all enjoyed my sojourn into Anthro this fine afternoon. God bless you all for continuing to read my (sadly) neglected blog. I think my return to regular blogging is in the works, so expect a bit more from me in the next few weeks! SWAK!

P.S. I loved all your comments on my homemade Liberty of London sundress. I do plan on continuing with my sewing and hope that you all will too, if that is your thing!!! Yay for being enterprising!