Monday, January 6, 2014

Boden: Spring 2014 is Live!

Good Monday morning, everyone!

As I saw at the Boden facebook page last week, the spring 2014 line was set to be rolled out today, January 6, 2014, so I wasn't exactly surprised when I saw the site down this morning.  It also didn't surprise me how quickly the spring line was updated to the site.  I remember when it would take a really long time to do the switchover, so the newer, faster way they do things is very welcome.  :-)

I won't have time to do any picks this morning, but I did do a picks post from the preview, which is pretty much what I would pick now (barring one or two new items that may not have been available during preview).  I did update that post with the promo coupon links that are in my blog's sidebar and at the bottom of this post.  Eventually I will update all the items to the proper link at the Boden site, but it will be a while from now, since it takes a while for the affiliate program to get the items in their directory.

Okay, so the promos are interesting this time around.  There are two, one is for women/men and one is for mini Boden.  They both offer 20% off with free shipping, but you must spend a certain amount to get that--$135 for mini Boden, and $195 for regular (women/men) Boden.  I just tried the mini coupon and added a woman's dress to my bag and it took the 20% off, but I definitely can't guarantee that will stick around, so don't be surprised if the folks at Boden change it up.  What I don't know is what if you buy something from mini and something from women' you get the discount for buying at least some mini?  I guess we'll see!

Do you see anything that is a must for you?  Do let us know in the comments!!!  Be back later today with more...

Coupons are below:
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