Friday, January 17, 2014

Boden: Summer Preview 2014 is Live! Yay!

She is so happy swinging that scarf in the summer breeze.

Thank you to CC who let me know in my "Five Years Giveaway" post that the Boden summer preview was going to drop this morning.  Of course since my oldest two are home from school (teacher workday) and my youngest had a class at the Little Gym, this is the very first moment I have had to actually write the post up and it is simply to let you all know that the Boden Preview is here and live.

As per usual, you can use the code PRV3 to receive 20% off with free shipping.  I love to order during preview since I think 20% off is a decent amount and it ensures that I will have the things that could potentially sell out.  I also wear the items before they make it to a greater % off, so I am never that upset if they make it to clearance at a lower price.  The PRV3 code ends on February 7, 2014, so you know.  Will make sure to remind you all again, though, before it expires.

I will do a picks post, fairly soon, but if any of you have any favorites, definitely comment below and I will make sure to try and include them in my picks post!

Enjoy (preview) shopping!