Thursday, January 30, 2014

Boden: Spring Trim. Final Two Days!

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Hey, all!  Today starts the final two days of "Spring Trim" savings over at Boden.  Today and tomorrow feature 20% savings on coats, knitwear, nightwear, and a smattering of accessories like tights and underwear. 

I wrote a lot about how the spring trim works here at this post, so head on over there if you don't know the drill.

Okay, so a few items have caught my eye from the sale today, but I am going to be brief since I still have my massive sewing project looming over my head (read more on that here at this post, if you are so inclined). 

1. Cable Knit Sweater.  I hadn't even noticed the cable knit sweater until I went over to the spring trim section today and saw its prettiness staring back at me.  It comes in three luscious clear spring shades, but I think my favorite might be the carnation shade.  If I had a bigger budget, I would include this in my "must haves," but for now I will wishlist it and hope that my size makes it to a better % off.

2. Richmond Blazer.  The floral version of the Richmond blazer is included in the sale and although numbers seem strong now, this one might sell out before too long since it is a very unique piece, and from experience, the pretty/unique pieces sell out pretty quickly.  I have the shorts in this same print, so if you would like to take a closer look, head on over to this post (and enter the giveaway--last day to enter is tomorrow!).

3. British Tweed Blazer.  If you are a fan of houndstooth, this jacket features its classic design in not so expected colors.  Because Boden only sources the best tweed, you can be assured that what you will receive will be well made from long-lasting fabric.  Numbers on these jackets are in backorder/low stock.  Apparently it runs small, if you carry your weight up top, you may want to bear that in mind when ordering.

4. Pajama Bottoms.  I ordered a pair from the fall rollout and I love them.  I ordered a size US 10, and while it is big, I don't care because they are so cozy and snuggly.  I don't have a need for anymore pajama bottoms, but everyone should have at least a pair of these in their wardrobe.  Yum.

5. Opaque Tights.  I have the red/grey color version, and the red is very vibrant and a touch pink-y (but still has red undertones).  They fit exactly as I expected them to, so I am glad I chose to grab the medium instead of the large.  By the size chart, I would be right on the edge of medium/large, and you would think that someone with my length legs plus (cough cough) *strong* thighs would fall over into large, but I don't, so don't size up.  Even if you are on the edge of the next size.  :-)

Okay, that's it for now.  I hope you have a wonderful Thursday.  Word around here is that we might make it into the upper 30s!  (Heat wave.  LOL.  Cannot wait for May.  Hate winter.)

If you spend less than $195 overall (in-season items, clearance does not count towards total), this is the best coupon for you during the Spring Trim:
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If you are spending more than $195 overall (in season items, clearance does not count towards total), this is the best coupon for you during the Spring Trim: