Monday, February 28, 2011

Little Bit of Liberty Love...

Hi, and a happy Monday to all!

Last week J. Crew introduced quite a few lovely Liberty Print items in their March rollout.  I am sure you are all surprised when I say "love," right? 

I want it all, but in reality will probably just grab one or two pieces, if they are in stock long enough for me to grab them (budget, budget, budget, sigh...).  I especially love the look of the shirtdress (still in stock in my size, phew) and the oxford shoes or the flats.

But let me be real for a mo.  I mean, if you click the label Liberty Print Fabric at the bottom of this post you will see I have quite a few beautiful liberty print items.  I love me some Liberty of London Liberty Art!  The tana lawn is my fave, and most of the items I have are from their line of lovely silky cotton. 

In fact, even before the rollout happened, I had worn the fabric TWICE in the past two weeks.  And then to celebrate J. Crew's continued collaboration with this textile company, I pulled out a third item from my wardrobe on Friday (which for your info is the first outfit I am showing off).  :)

These are all stay-at-home mom outfits.  I love wearing these pieces because they allow me to feel put together and polished *without* sacrificing comfort.

Cardigan: Jackie Cardigan, wild mushroom color, size small.  I thought I didn't have the right colors to match this almost rosy brown color in my closet, but it works really well with bright, saturated pink.  Yum.
Shirt: Liberty Print Button Down, bright pink mod floral, size 6.  I have no idea when this shirt was rolled out, but I am guessing 2006-2008?  Anyone know?  I bought this off ebay for $20, the seller didn't know it was a liberty print, but another seller had the same one for sale and had it listed as liberty, so I knew it was...
Pants: Summerweight Chinos, Navy, size 10. Old School J. Crew.
Shoes: Yummy Xhiliration pointy toe flats that I wear all the time.  Love these so much I MADE my stepmom buy a pair for herself. 

Thursday (same day as rollout, planned the outfit before the actual rollout, though!):
Jacket: Cord Bella, J. Crew Outlet, Tan color.  This has a similar look to the herringbone bella in the camel color, but is a lighter weight cord fabric.  I have two outlet bellas, this one and a wool azalea version.  I far prefer the wool azalea version (which you will see soon enough irl), but this cord version is great for more casual outfits.  This is a size 4.  I think I got this for $20 off ebay?
Shirt: Liberty Print ruffle front button down, size 8.  This is from Fall 2009.  This one sold out pretty fast, if I recall.  A lot of liberty print blouses from previous years had the extra bits that made them special, like this ruffle front.  The Suzannah blouse (which I just got in the olive version off ebay for a song--from the Paris catalog--Vanessa wears it with the argyle dress) had really pretty ruffling at the collar, the placket, and the sleeve openings.  I think too many ruffles is something J. Crew has had a problem with, but I don't believe what they did with the Liberty Print blouses was anything that would put them in a 12-step program.  LOL.
Jeans: IT! Jeans, Size 30.  Sparkly butt pockets are my best friend forever.  LOVE these jeans. 
Shoes: Porto Driving Mocs, Pale Oak, Size 9.

Side view.  I popped the collar on the blouse because it laid better that way.  When it was just normal, the line of the whole neckline looked weird.

Bella close up and buttoned up.

I wore this sometime in the past two weeks, but I don't remember the exact day.  I do remember that it was WARM that day, nearing 70, which is awesome.  We normally have a few "winter warm" days every month in winter, but this winter we have not, which has been just awful.  No snow, at all.  Just really cold COLD weather.  So glad those days are in the past!  Woo!

Cardigan: Jackie Cardigan, Pale Yellow (maybe spring daisy?), size small.  Again with the Jackie cardigan...great lightweight cardi that comes in every. freaking. color of the rainbow so your whole wardrobe can be "Jackie-ized."  I only have four jackies.  From what I hear, though, there are women who have dozens and dozens of Jackies.  Are you one of them?  Admit it in the comments!  ;)
Tank: Some Ann Taylor foil printed tank that my mother-in-law got for a really insanely good price at a re-sale store (like TJ Maxx, etc.), size extra-small.
Skirt: Daisy Day Skirt, size 2 (!!!).  I still love this skirt that I bought last year.  I still can't believe how large it ran.  I will most likely NEVER wear a size 2 in a J. Crew bottom ever again.  This liberty print is NOT a classic print, it was a seasonal print.  Many of their seasonal prints end up in J. Crew items.  If you ever need to know if what you are interested in is a classic print or seasonal, send me an e-mail.  I sort of have an obsession with the prints, so I can usually quickly identify a print for you.  For instance, the dress I made for myself was a CLASSIC print, so it will forever be available from the Liberty of London department store (or places like Purl Soho).  Sometimes seasonal prints become classic prints, but this daisy day is not one of them, from what I recall.
Shoes: Bensimon Elastic Sneaker.  Size 40.  Vanilla.  Seriously one of the best buys I have made yet for my shoe collection.  Very versatile. 

From the side.  I struggled with the hem of the tank.  In the end, I tucked it in, but I prefer this look, but more flattering to the skirt length. 

I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday.  For those of you that have not seen it, I added a link to info on how to receive a free gift bag full of Arbonne goodies with a $75 plus purchase made at my Arbonne web site.  For more info, click on the photo of the giveaway bag contents at the top of the sidebar.  :)  Thank you!

P.S. Have any of you purchased any of the new Liberty of London items from J. Crew this spring?