Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh, Wherefore Art Thou, 499?

Oh, you're right here.

Tonight I am showcasing two recent outfits that I have worn recently, one to dinner out with Mr. Dina, and the other the outfit I wore today to be just a plain ole SAHM.

Wore this last Thursday night to eat dinner at the always awesome Lebanese Taverna in Arlington, VA.  (I actually went to high school with the family that owned the restaurants, and the night we happened to go was the night the girl from my class was working--it was wonderful to see her AND see how well her family's business was going!)

I realized it had been a while since I had worn this babycord shift by Boden.  I loved this so much last year, I was surprised it had taken me this long to wear it.  It even fits better than it did last year, which may be why I have no blog posts about it from last year.  Huh.  Anyhow, the mod look made me feel like breaking out the grey tights and grey booties for a bit of unexpected pairing.  I also made sure to pull my hair back with a wide headband.

There are no more of these left at Boden, but they have a similar version of it called the Printed Cord Dress from Fall 2010.  It is now on sale, and therefore sells out, but I often see pop backs, so check each morning if you like it!

This is the studded tweed invitation clutch from the J. Crew Collection.  I bought it at one of those crazy 40% off all sale items, so I think I bought it at 60 dollars?  Rosa loves this clutch and was very interested in seeing it this weekend at our brunch at Tabard InnDaniBP also loves hers.  I have to say this clutch is very useful and surprisingly versatile.  It is very much a "can be dressed up or dressed down" kind of bag.  The studs are also pretty darn cool.

Although I didn't tuck the chain strap in, it can be tucked in and then you truly have a clutch style purse.

Makeup for the night.  Kept the lips paler as I wanted to place the emphasis on my eyes.

So I wore this outfit for staying at home today.  Usually my requirements for a SAHM outfit are that the pants are comfy enough for sitting for hours on end, interrupted by needed to be super-fast on my feet when one of the kids needs me like. right. now. momma. (these are the cocktail capris, so check), the shirt is pretty and has a unique design feature (Anthro's shirt definitely does that, plus it is red, continuing my "Wear Red" campaign), and if I am cold, I have a cardigan that covers without looking super-frumpy (those I reserve for my PJs, hot, I know...).  I also knew that since I wasn't leaving the house, I could wear my Majorie Satin ballet flats and wouldn't have to worry about the silk fabric getting stained (these are quite possibly the most useless pair of shoes ever, but oh, they're so cute!).

I wear this cardigan a lot, I love the subtle shawl collar, the shorter sleeve length on the arms, and the grosgrain backed belt tie.  The fabric is a mix of wools, including a touch of cashmere (I believe).  They still have the Chic Wrap Cardigan in stock in three colors and in a few sizes.  The size I got, US 6, and the color I got, mouse, is available.  I guess I should just be happy that I bought it and have worn it a bunch (would should take the sting of not getting it on sale a bit more bearable). 

Above is the polyvore of the outfit I wore today...and it sort of hints at what the heck the title of this post also seems insanely appropriate that the outfit I chose to wear on my blog's 500th post day is an outfit that is a mix of Boden, J. Crew, and Anthropologie.  Awesome!

That's right.  The next post I am doing is my Blog's 500th.  Yep.  My blog is getting old.  (BTW, my 2nd blog-o-versary was January 15, 2011, and I totally spaced on it.  LOL.  To make up for that, I am hosting THREE separate giveaways, one tonight, one next Monday, and one the Monday after that.  GEAR UP, YOU ALL.)

Talk soon.