Thursday, February 10, 2011

Le Sigh. Boden Limited Edition...

I am still beyond excited about the new Boden Limited Edition that is meant to debut tomorrow.  (I am under the weather, I hope they don't debut it right at midnight, 'cuz I am gonna be asleep, you all...)

But I am feeling just a tad sad at the possibility that I may only be able to get one item, as from what I am reading, the pieces may be far too expensive to afford more than one piece. 

Hence the title of this post, "Le Sigh."  :'(

I also realized that some of the offers out there (like the current one in many of the catalogs being sent to homes) may not apply to the Limited Edition.  The one I have in my catalog is the one that says, "Buy Three, Get Your Fourth Item for $1" offer, and in the very teeny-tiny print it says that Boden Limited Edition is excluded from the offer.  I don't know if the 15% off coupon I have on the side of my blog also exempts the Boden Limited Edition, but I will let you know more when I read more on it.

There is a pretty exhausitive blog post over at the Boden Blog regarding the new line, so head on over there to read more on it.  Many women seem as sad as I am, but they are even more put off by the prices than I am (I guess all those years of buying J. Crew Collection kind of prepared me, lol).

250 Pounds Equals About 350 Dollars--Gulp.

So, quick poll, answers in comments...

Will you still buy from the Boden Limited Edition if the prices are this high?

My answer: Yes.  But at this rate, only one piece.