Monday, February 21, 2011

Mommy Style Monday #18--Are You Having Fun with Your Style?

There are totally times when you need to be very careful with your style. For instance, if you are a banker, I don't think you should show up to any of your meetings wearing any of these outfits. Clearly, you need to have a very conservative, professional, luxe looking style, and these Anthropologie catalog inspired visions of mine won't fly on Wall St.

And you know, if you are a nun, these may not be the best choice for you either.

However, if you are a sister wife, a la "Big Love," then maybe the middle outfit could work???

Anyhoo, I just get so tired of taking my own style too seriously and will just *you know* get all CRAZY up in this joint at least once a week. I love my normal, preschool run style, and often think that I am performing at near 100% most days, but I doubt that I would come off as a risk-taker. And you know what? Style is so flexible, so transient, so revolutionary, that the folks who take risks with their fashion are the ones who are definitely having fun AND are stylish, too. I can't say for sure if I hit sartorial high notes with these, or if I really just look like a very bad facsimile of some of Anthropologie's more (cough, cough) unique creations, BUT that wasn't the point of these outfits to me. The point was that I loved creating them, and more importantly, I LOVED WEARING THEM. ;)

How about you??? Are you having fun with your style?

If a photo looks "different," that is because these photos are.  In some of them, my peeps B & T took the photos (love ya both, you handsome, talented photographers), and with some of them, the lovely, and very cool program picnik (a picasa thing) helped turn the photos into oldie timey looking film.  (Love that!)

Yes, I do believe I am in a catalog.  :)  Hoo, boy.  This was taken outside a restaurant in the Potomac Yard section of Alexandria.  The train tracks exist here but are no longer functioning. 

Sequin Sweatshirt, J. Crew, Size Extra-Small.
Tria Skirt, Anthropologie, Size Small. (Marietta, thank you for wearing it that one night we hung out, I had to HAVE this after seeing how great it looked on you!)
ZeeZee Tights, J. Crew, Size Medium-Tall.
Miller Short Moto Boots, J. Crew, Size 9.5.
Galaxy Necklace, J. Crew.

Outfit details same as above, but this time I spy something in the distance...

Who wouldn't jump for joy upon seeing rusted out ties and weathered wood?

I briefly contemplated using this as my header.  It would definitely fit the "My Superfluities" oeuvre.

Here is the outfit above, but not all STYLED up.  I wish I could always have B & T styling my shots.

Big Fashion Risk...a blousy top and a blousy skirt and shearling lined ruffly boots.  Guess what, though?  Mr. Dina and Peter, my bro, loved this look.  Huh.  Guess the weirdness worked together and made men like it.

I definitely can see Nikki (Big Love) wearing this, though.  So there you go.

Blousy Top, Anthropologie, Size Medium.
Plaid Skirt, J. Crew, Size Small (THANK YOU, Pamela, for pointing this skirt out to me on ebay!).
Tights, J. Crew, Size Medium-Tall.
Petite Chou Boots, Anthropologie, Size 9.5
High Prairie Belt, Anthropologie, Size Small.

I might be in my house, but I still want to be in an Anthro catalog.  Special effect is known as '60s and Matte in Picnik.

Okay, this is a lot less Anthro and a lot more Disco, but I loved it, and felt it was risky.  The combo could have looked just awful, but in the end I felt really cool, albeit in a late 90s, Spice Girls kind of way.

Dress (sheeyeah right--if you are 5'2" maybe)/Tunic, Anna Sui for Target, Size 7.
Ingrid Flare Jeans, Citizens of Humanity, Size 31.  Let's give it up for me fitting into these again.  Holla!!! (I bought them in 2005 and they fit for exactly 6 months before I got pregnant with Rex.)
Bloomsbury T-Bars, Boden, Size 41.  You will get a close-up of those later on, as there are still a few sizes available at Boden.

From the back.  I was going out for Mr. Dina's Birthday meal, and I just felt like I owed it to him to look good coming and going.  LOL.

Make-up a bit mod, and the Erickson Beammon for Target earrings help with that effect.

I figured if I looked 60s or 70s, then the photo should, too.  Thank you PICNIK.

I fell in love with these at first sight during the Fall Preview 2010 from Boden.  I loved the height, the all leather construction and the purple/brown combo was pretty unique. 

They never sold-out, and I guess it was the height thing (I am almost 6 feet tall wearing these), but in my opinion, the higher the better when really going all out.  Plus my jeans were the exact right length while wearing these.

Bloomsbury T-Bars
They came in other colors, including the grey in the link above. Click on the photo to see what availability there is...there are often popbacks, so if you love these, keep checking back.

I hope that all you great, fab moms out there will give some fun a try.  :)  I mean, after all, we don't have to be serious about fashion all the time, right???