Tuesday, March 1, 2011

J. Crew Shimmerveil Tee IRL.

My pre-ordering has been my only ordering from J. Crew and Boden lately. I guess I really want to stay on top of my budget (which is tighter, sadness) and if I pre-order, I really can very carefully think about what out there is something worth dipping into my budget.

Of the spring lookbook images, a few really grasped me, and I definitely found that I wanted to pre-order a few items. One was reviewed last Tuesday, the Natalie Studded Sweater...and outside of today's review, there won't be much more from my J. Crew pre-order until late May/early June when the two skirts I pre-ordered will debut.

Now I can't guarantee that is all I will get between now and June, as some of the lovelies that come out each month do tempt, but with the pre-orders in the back of my mind that keeps me a bit more real. (However, that doesn't take away the allure of pretty and special--sundrenched sweatshirt in electric orange, I am so looking at you).

So what was I intrigued by from the lookbook that dropped last week? Enter the Shimmerveil tee. Like the Natalie Studded Sweater, this was re-named. When I pre-ordered it, they were calling it the Fiamma tee (which I like better, btw).

Shimmerveil Tee from the side.  Check it out on Ema.

This is such a classic kind of outfit, and I was definitely pulled in by the jacket/tee/skirt/shoe proportions.  Well done, imo.

The tee was very difficult to see which is why I pre-ordered it.  I wanted to know what was giving the outfit a bit of glimmer.  Overall the look is very practical, and I love the fact that a bit of bling came out with the top. 

This skirt is also one I pre-ordered (along with the yummy golden full skirt seen here) and is set to drop in late May for a price of $118 (I think).

I have looked a bit closer to this image and the one Shawn Punch photographed back at the runway show, and I truly believe they used the shimmerveil tee in the runway show and the shimmerveil cami in the lookbook.  No biggie, as I truly prefer the tee (more versatile, can be worn on its own and easily worn under other items).  The tank is a bit too loosey-goosey on the bottom for my taste, anyhow.

Love the scoopneck and the way the shoulder seams line up just right.  The glimmer is a metallic threading on silk.  The tee is lined in poly.  It is VERY lightweight and moves easily, so the light can catch it creating different looks in different lighting.  (Candlelit dinner, honey???)

Loved it tucked in and was pleased to see that it was easy to tuck in.  There is no zipper, it is pullover style.

I don't like it untucked as much (which you also see in the side photo).  Since I have a short torso, this tee hits at my mid-hip, making it sort of difficult to pull down and keep down.  Sizing up would give me an extra inch, but then the bust and shoulders would be too large.  I may, when I grab some time, hem the bottom of the tee to take off a 1/2 inch or so.

I received this tee the same day I wore my Liberty twisted placket shirt (thanks shopalot for the info on the liberty blouse I own), so I just took off the shirt and slipped on this tee, tucked it into the pants, threw the Jackie on top and was very pleased with the look.  I love the casual elegance of this outfit.  I might actually wear this entire look, tip to toe, one day on the preschool run.

The shirt is delicate, but not so delicate that it can only come out on special occasions.  Definitely wear it both day and night.

I purchased the extra-small based on bust and shoulder measurements (thanks to my awesome personal shopper!).

Would I recommend you buy it now?  I don't know.  I am not going to buy (had a discount of 20% because of a coupon), see the price drop and then re-buy, unless that happens in the next few weeks.   I would really like to wear this soon, and often, so maybe it won't matter if the price drops to ridiculous levels, because I will know that the price worked well enough for me.  That said, if you sit on your clothes, just wait it out.  I think it will go on sale, but I wouldn't have a clue when or for how much off.  (Now wouldn't that be a fab parlor game?)

Anyone else given this shirt a try?

Have a great night.


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