Tuesday, March 15, 2011

J. Crew Review: Maritime Dress.

I am 100% positive I am the 999th person to review this dress, but I think it is one of those dresses that you need to see on a body type like yours before you buy.  I love it on all the other bloggers I have seen it on (and if you have reviewed it, can you drop a comment in the comments section saying so, pretty please?), and I definitely love it on me, but unlike the other bloggers I won't have the luxury of belting the dress or wearing it outside of even the most casual of situations...and I suspect my height has something to do with that.  ;)

Front View. Maritime Dress.

For reference, I am 5'8" tall and have an inseam of 34 inches (so most of my height is in my legs). Because of this, I believe this dress is a bit short, so I anticipate only wearing this in the MOST casual of situations, which knowing how I spend the summer, should be fine. LOL.

You can see why I won't be belting this dress, though.  If I were to do so, it would be indecent.  Not cool for this stay-at-home mom.  ;)

This dress reminds me of the fabric that the rugby shirts that were popular back when I was in college were made from...thick, substantial, and very soft. This is high quality...and should last a long time.

I am wearing a size small, which fits fine at the hips and a bit slouchy through the shoulders. I personally wouldn't size up or down in this one. I recommend sizing to fit your widest part, whatever that is...

Side View.

I like the zippers, but I can see why they might bother others. That said, had there NOT been zippers, I would have brought the hem down an inch, at least.

Back View. 

Still decent, but I should definitely do the more lady-like, "bend at the knees" to pick an item up, not "from the waist."  (Lest I give a show.) 

Have a great afternoon, all.  Talk soon!!! :)