Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Robert Noble and Roses.

Finally, an outfit of the day post.  It's been a long while since I have just published an ootd.  Wow-zers.

That said, I am really grooving with this Boden blogging thing.  It *is* fun to put all the reviews together, to show off the new stuff I (or CW) happen to have in our closets, and find all the best deals and sales.  I mean I will always, always love J. Crew and Anthropologie, but with Boden getting a bit more chic and mainstream, it is great to take this fairly niche brand to the next level (here in the US at least).

"Okay, blah, blah, blah, you chattering cow."  Onto the outfit, which incidentally has no Boden whatsoever.  It is pure J. Crew love.

Above is the polyvore if the outfit I wore today. :)

A lot of today's SAHM outfit is Old School J. Crew.  The jacket is Robert Noble wool, from Scotland, a red herringbone.  You all have seen this jacket before, but today I paired it with a pencil skirt.  Even though I really had no need for a casual professional look today, I felt like wearing a sleek outfit as I have recently put on an extra 3 or 4 pounds (grr..frustrating...grr), and this outfit allowed me to at least look slender from the outside, even if I wasn't feeling it from the inside.

I am one of those people, though, who upon realizing the weight has been gained goes into crazy overdrive and cuts calories DRASTICALLY.  I had tea with a tablespoon of creamer instead of a breve latte this morning, and a salad as a snack instead of chocolate.  A couple of weeks of that and I should be back on track, but I am beyond ticked that I got here.  Blegh.  What do you all do when you gain a pound or two over what you like to weigh???

The tee was an in-store only option from J. Crew last spring, but somehow ended up as a factory tee this year.  Huh.  It never made it on-line at jcrew.com last spring, so I was a bit surprised to see it in the factory section this spring (called the factory ikat floral tee).

The shoes are the Etta metallic suede ballet flats from the Fall of 2007.  I love these so much that I actually hunted down a similar pair on ebay to buy.  I am glad I did as I have worn both pairs multiple times this winter alone.

From the side.  Great thing about this jacket, from Fall 2005 (I believe), is that the collar can be popped to show off a very preppy tie repp with very English crest upon it.  The Earl Grey tea I drank this morning very much suited my topper. Cheers!

You all have a great day, I plan to get the Boden "Catch of the Day" up first thing tomorrow morning, followed by the Boden Weekly Review Roundup in the afternoon.  If you have a review for me, and you would like it to be included, would you mind e-mailing me at dinagideon@aim.com?  THANK YOU!

You all have a great night!