Friday, March 4, 2011

J. Crew Paris Catalog Inspiration #1--Pinwale Cord Linda Dress in Red.

In my neverending quest to own and look like every single page in the Paris Catalog (September 2007 J. Crew), I decided to have a mini love-in with the catalog a few weeks ago.  I literally wore an inspired look from the catalog for a couple of days spread over two weeks.  I have done this before.  I probably have a sickness.  LOL.  Here are some past attempts: Library Doll Dress #1, Library Doll Dress #2, Bella #1, and Sophie Peacoat Sweater #1

Today is inspired by the above image of the incredibly gorgeous Edda in the Pinwale Cord Linda Dress.  This is from the non-Paris portion of the catalog, so it gets way less play than the rest of the catalog.  Here's the thing, though.  The way this portion of the catalog was styled was SPOT ON.  I plan on exhibiting some of the styles from Edda's part of the catalog at some point because I think many of you will agree that the very classic looks on display are still very versatile and viable today.

I actually fell in love with the dress because of Real Simple magazine.  In their August 2007 issue, they showed this dress in the Italian wool version as a nice simple work dress for hiding lumps and bumps.  I had JUST had Rex (so tiny in August 2007--miss that time!) so I was very much lumpy and/or bumpy. 

I went on-line, saw the Italian wool version and then I saw the pinwale cord version in Bright Rust, and was sold (plus it was cheaper).

Bought it in a size 10.  Still wear the size 10, even though a 6 would probably fit better.  I just belt it now.  (See photos below.)

It also came in this pretty brown version which is the perfect shade for this model.  I also love how they did her hair, very cute with the scarf.

And in real life.  Isn't this warm red so beautiful?  I belted it with an Anthro belt and wore a pair of Cole Haan nude heels.  Just enough, no need for anything more.

I have worn this dress once before but I didn't know what it was called at the time.  :)

So why did I need to look professional and made up?  Because I had an Arbonne party for my good blog friend Drewablank!  I wanted to make sure that I put my best face and outfit forward I could. 

We had a fab time, and yes, that is Summerilla of Sum Sunshine.  I love this photo.  We all look so happy!  (We had a great time...the smiles are very real!)

This is what my display of Arbonne Essentials, RE9 Travel Set, makeup, and Revelage looked like.  It was a lot of fun mixing up shakes and fizzy drinks and such for the ladies.  The protein shake was a big hit, but that may have had something to with drewablank's abilities with my blender.  ;)

And finally, my display of literature from Arbonne.  I can't have everything they make at my house, so these pamphlets and catalogs help my clients see what all is out there.

In the next few days you will see a Bella inspired outfit #gabizzilion (I have worn my Bellas constantly this winter, so I won't be showing them all off, lol), and a Wool Jersey Shift Dress inspired outfit.

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You all have a fab day!