Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Featuring a Dress, a Top, a Cardigan, and a Mac!

Good Wednesday to you all.  :)  I am glad I am able to bring you another week full of reviews.  Today I will be taking on two reviews (one fresh and new and one is a re-look at an item I already reviewed) and I am fortunate to have two separate reviews from some very lovely ladies!

Reminder, if you would like to see an item at the Boden site, click on the Boden item as photographed by Boden.  If you want to see an item close-up on me, click on the photo of me wearing the item.  If you want to see the item on another blogger or at one of my other posts, click on the link to either the other blog or to the other post.  :)


Relaxed Silk Dress.This was recently on other Boden Weekly Review Roundups (Jenny's at this post, Shopwithm's here at this post--find their reviews about halfway down)  and they looked SO GOOD in their dresses that I had to get the grey/red colorway for myself. I took their advice and the advice of the other reviewers at Boden, and sized down to a size US 6 Regular (UK 10 Regular). (Many people said it was fairly loose-fitting.)

It looks fine, right? In fact, I bet some of you, if you only look at my photos will be all "ooh, you look good in that grey dress, Dina." Umm, yes. The pictures look fab. Problem? My hips *just* fit. I am dying. Between the on-seam pockets and the fact that my hips are exactly the same size as this skirt's hips, I am feeling va-va-voom, and not in a good way.

RETURN! (For a UK 12 Regular, US 8 Regular...hopefully the exchange goes through quickly and easily and I get the replacement quickly. I do love the dress, but not enough to having to worry about wearing spanx in the middle of July.)

From the side. is hard to even tell I have issues.  Trust me, I do.  (Not necessarily an open invitation to explore what issues I have, btw.  LOL.)

The fabric is amazing, btw, and the construction is high quality. Hence my willingness to exchange. (Cross your fingers that I actually get the exchange!)

Relaxed Silk Dress

Click above to see range of sizes, measurements (follow them!!!), and colors.

Printed Cotton Top
Printed Cotton Top. Suburban Mom reviewed it over at her new blog, Oh My God, I Love That! Please follow her blog!!! Thanks, Suburban Mom! Welcome to the blog world...

St Malo Cardigan
St. Malo Cardigan.  Wolfy, one of the regulars over at J. Crew Aficionada, recently had a review of this cardigan over at JCA.  Of the cardigan, she says: "A really great go-to piece for spring. A perfect weight; cross between a sweater & coat. I love the slimming silhouette it creates. The Gray/Navy is very versatile, but I regret not getting a more vibrant color. I may have to pick this up in the other colors, some point later. TTS, shoulders & sleeves fit perfect. Worked out well ordering in my normal JC blazer size. The only con or strangeness, are the enamel buttons that are ridiculously big. Still, this is a lovely & useful sweater that I can getting a lot use out of in the season to come." Thank you, Wolfy, what a fab review! :)

Uplifting Mac
Uplifting Mac. This is a review I have already written (see this post)...but I wanted to add in my real life experience with the mac. I wore it last Thursday when it was pouring. down. all monsoon-like here in Northern Virginia. I hate umbrellas, more than seems reasonable for someone who lives in a place with a lot of rain. :) I was happy to have the excuse to bring this jacket out into rotation. It is coated with teflon, which did the job of repelling the rain. I did stay dry, everywhere the mac covered. I did put the hood up (and looked slightly silly doing so, like an overgrown toddler), but who cares? In the end, I had dry hair, a dry torso, and a new found respect for teflon. LOL. I liked it before, now I LUUUURRRRVVVE it. High FIVE stars.  And no umbrella necessary!

You all have a great day.  Remember, if you have an additional review and can get it to me before midnight tonight, I will throw it in  today's post, otherwise I will keep it for next week's review roundup.