Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boden's Catch of the Day: Cardigans for Women. Girls???

It seems to be cardigan day at Boden. :) LOL. If you are looking for a cardigan, today is the day to get it, as the 20% "catch of the day" promo is applied, and then my 10% coupon that I have running at the side of my blog (I would recommend clicking the 15% coupon FOR MATERNITY--LOL--and THEN going from the photos to the Boden site, the 15% coupon should stay active for today at least). Now there are some good savings.  (I can't tell how great the prices are relative to end of season savings, but they seem decent enough!  I also like that if you want to put something that *isn't* on sale into the cart, you get 15% off instead of 10%.  I have NO idea how long this coupon will be active, but I will check it every day, just to make sure!)

I have many, many cardigans from Boden, and without fail, they keep me warm, look polished, and are well-made enough not to stretch out in an unflattering way. My absolute favorite cardigans from Boden are the Favourite V-Neck Cardigans from their spring lines, made with a mix of cotton, nylon, and elastane, they hold their shape and always come in nicely saturated hues.

I am not going to list them all, as they all are on sale, and I would be here at the coffee shop until 3 pm trying to do this post if I did list them all. I will show my favorites, and if you are interested in the others, once you click over, you can check the rest of them out. :)

NOTE:  Price you see is NOT reflected until you actually place the item in your bag.  :)  Have fun!

Favourite V-neck Cardigan
Favourite V-Neck Cardigan. Now $46.24. I showed off a previous year's version at this post.

Flowerstitch Cardigan
Flowerstitch Cardigan. Now $66.64. If I *was* able to participate in this promo (bank account budget, grrr...), I would be all over this one. Still catching my eye...

One Button Merino Cardigan
One-Button Merino cardigan. Now $59.84. I love short-sleeved cardigans, find them very useful for travel and for keeping cozy in the winter when it's cold and in the summer in air conditioning. I bought a version (called the chic wrap cardigan) from their fall line and wear it a lot.

Jewelled Button Cardigan
Jewelled Button Cardigan. Now $66.64. I obviously went over the top with my purchase of the showstopping knitted jacket, but I still think this could be its more practical, still pretty, younger sister.

Biker Cardigan
Biker Cardigan. Now $66.64. I think this seems pretty cool for a company well known for its hotchpotch prints and big buttons. Johnnie seems to have matured a bit with this chic topper.

Do any of you see what "catch of the day" items there are for girls? I see that the men have a selection of 20% off, but no mini-Boden or Johnnie B. items seem to be part of the promo today. Huh. If you can help me solve this mystery, I would very much appreciate it!

Talk soon!