Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Notch Neck Shift and Other Lovelies!

Hi, all!

Got quite a lot here in the roundup today. :) Thank you to all of you who either e-mailed me or gave me permission to use your reviews. As always, if you would like to include your review in today's post, please e-mail before midnight. Otherwise, I will include it in next week's roundup! Also, if I inadvertently missed your review, I apologize in advance, and please do let me know!!!

Reminder: If you would like to see the item close up on either me or CW, click on the photos of us. If you would like to be taken straight to the Boden website, click on the Boden stock shot. I have also included a few Boden images that I have downloaded for Polyvore. If you click on those images, you will not be taken to Boden's website, rather you will just get a larger look at it here at my blog.

If any of these items make it to Boden's "Catch of the Day" this week, I will make sure to link back to these reviews for you all.

First up is my newest love, the Notch Neck Shift. I had been eyeing this in the blue/green colorway for months, and with the last 20% off deal, I bit. And like last week's dress (relaxed silk dress), I used the precise measurements to decide on which size to get. Unlike the relaxed silk dress, though, this dress fits perfectly, not too small and not too large. It is wonderful!

I bought the size US 8 Regular (UK 12 Regular). I would recommend one thing, though, and that is if you are more ample on top, to please consider sizing up. I had a time getting in and out of this dress, but nothing terrible. From what I am reading on the reviews over at Boden, this dress can be a bear to get on and off if you are anything larger than a B cup.

From the side. The dress does look green/blue, doesn't it? I would say the green is misrepresented. In reality, the green is more of a dark olive, verging on brown. I think this makes it more sophisticated, so I am not bummed by this, but please do keep that in mind when ordering.

From the back. I found this to be quite slimming, and I love how appropriate it can be for all occasions, from work to church to dinner out.

Paired with the J. Crew Collection Moonbeam Sequin Blazer and the Anticipation Heels from Anthropologie, this could definitely take you to a nice dinner out. Two thumbs up for this outfit. I do so look forward to wearing this combo!

The above picture is for Polyvore.  Are any of you Boden babes having issues clipping Boden to polyvore or is it just me?

Notch Neck Shift
Notch Neck Shift. I also happen to like the pink floral version, but that may be because I know it has a matching mini-Boden dress. LOL. I bet you I won't be able to resist this dress on sale...and that mini-Boden one will probably come home with me, too.

Fringed Tweed Jacket
Fringed Tweed Jacket. On Tabitha and wow, does it ever work for her, even if it was for her Mum initially!!!

Brittany Jumper
Brittany Jumper. Polly still loves it in grey and white, even with exposed zippers and all!  :)  Also, check out her blog, I started following today and I look forwarding to seeing what she and her BFF, Fiona, have up their sleeves!

Textured Cotton Skirt
Textured Cotton Skirt. Polly looks beyond lovely in this bright green skirt!

V-neck Knitted Top
V-Neck Knitted Top. Polly models the silver, showing why every Boden Aficionada should have one in her closet!

Printed Jersey Top
Printed Jersey Top. Hey, lovely ladies with baby bumps...the very sweet Louise shows how this top can work for all stages, from the first trimester all the way the third.  (I don't know if it could go right up to birth, but I can see it working for a good majority of pregnancy!)  Oh, and so you know, I plan on getting this, and I am not pregnant, so there you go...a top for all stages of life.  :)

And, as promised, multiple times this week, above you will see two images of CW wearing the Heart Pocket Crops, which have been part of the Boden "Catch of the Day" since Monday.  Aren't the heart pockets incredibly darling on little girl's clothing?  :)

She is also modeling the Poster T-Shirt in the bluebell/kitten colorway.  I personally wanted CW to pick this one, but nope, she picked the other version, in the candy/strawberry colorway (you will see that one at some point in the near future, most likely next week's review roundup).  I may pick the blue one up when it goes on sale.  We did, however, buy the heart pocket crops, and at full price.  LOL.  If these are still on sale on Friday, I will pick them up in the purple color.

Note on sizing.  CW usually wears a 2T or 24 Mos. Pants.  We sized up to size 3 as this is a slim-fit pant.  Do not size down.  That said, if you do size up and find it is too big in the waist, there are adjustable tabs to make it smaller (which is what we did).

Heart Pocket Crops
Heart Pocket Crops.

Poster T-shirt
Poster T-Shirt (Bluebell/Kitten).  Yes, the pink one is the one CW chose.  So predictable. ;)

The above three images are for polyvore.

You all have a great night!  :)