Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup...

With exactly one review. LOL.  :)  Not a whole lot of Boden action out there in Blog-land this week...but I had an ace up my sleeve.  I received the dazzling, over the top, crazily sensational Showstopping Knitted Jacket last week, so I knew I would be reviewing it for you all.

Today the item I am reviewing is both SOLD OUT and NOT PART OF THE PROMO going on at Boden right now (see this post for more on the promo).  Because of this, I have included a link to the page where it can be found, and if you are a stealthy little hawk, you might be able to grab it on a popback.  Something like 300 were made, so there may be a wait, but hold out.  Someone is bound to return it.  BTW, if only 300 were made, that would be 30 per size, but I am only assuming it would be 30 per size.  It could actually be 10 of size 2, but 100 of size 8.  Who knows?

At the end of the post, I have put up a link to an item that has the *feel* of this jacket, but is: not sold out, cheaper, and part of the promo.  I actually was looking at the cardi I will highlight, but clearly if I own the showstopping knitted jacket, I won't be needing to purchase that cardi.  ;)

Showstopping Knitted Jacket.  This is from the side.  I paired it with the woolen twill minnie pants (size 10), an embellished grey tank from last summer (size extra-small), and some Dr. Scholl's patent leather sandals.  I specifically chose to try this outfit out because I wanted to see how casual I could go with this jacket.  I wouldn't say I will be wearing this to Rex's preschool, but I see this being utterly perfect for an afternoon at an art museum with my good friends (no children, mind you).

As you can see, this is a very cropped fit.  For someone with a short torso, this was a bit surprising (rarely is anything short on me, I often have to hem things to make them shorter on my torso), but it doesn't bother me as I can wear cropped jackets because of the shorter torso.  If you have a longer torso, this may be a jacket that won't work for you, but if you want to try it, try it, the popbacks will be far and few between, so don't let the length of the jacket freak you out.

From the front.  I quite like the grey/grey combo of the tank and jacket, but I definitely want to try a darker grey or black under it as the model did from Boden.  I also look forward to wearing this for a truly special occasion, like a wedding or party or really nice dinner out.

Close up of opened jacket.  Hits right at my waist.  The sleeves are cropped as well.

The jacket is a knitted cotton, with what seems to be THOUSANDS of sequins and seed beads sewn on.  I read that each jacket takes 5 whole days to make, and I believe it.  The lining is beyond luxurious, a soft, supple silk.  This jacket felt FANTASTIC on.  :)

Here it is closed.  I prefer it opened.  I guess I could see wearing it closed over a slim-fitting sheath, but I probably wouldn't.  For what it's worth, the buttons are the type that snap shut.  Those are also well applied.  Truly this is a garment that is couture quality.  (From Boden.  Good on you, Johnnie.)

From the back.  You can see it has almost a bomber style to it with the fitted hem and bloused body.

Close-up of the neckline and placket.  You can open this shot to see the details closer.

And a super close-up of the individual beading and sequined bobs and bits.  There was only one slightly loose big sequin.  That's it.  On a WHOLE garment.  Wow.

Jewelled Button Cardigan

Jewelled Button Cardigan (open photo to go straight to product page). This comes in multiple colors, has the cutest details at the placket, and has the snap type buttons. You can have a *similar* look to the showstopping knitted jacket without the fuss and the extreme detailing.  It is also a touch longer than the showstopping knitted jacket, so that is a plus for longer torsos.

So would I recommend the showstopping knitted jacket?

Yes. But...only if this is you. Are you the type that really loves clothing with lots of details and unique features? Or are you more of a minimalist who wants your clothing to be architectural and made to complement your body shape? I am clearly in the first camp, so I nearly jumped when I first saw this in that catalog all those weeks ago. I would never recommend a garment like this for someone who isn't into this kind of item. That is what makes this sartorial world go round, anyhow, the existence of all these different types of folks who love to be stylish, but in so very many different ways.

Did anyone else out there buy this? And if so, how do you feel about it???