Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You All Ready for 20% Off at Boden?

The very pretty Sassy Silk Dress could be yours for 20% off!
I mentioned a new Boden coupon last night in my review of the Shimmerveil Tee, but I know some of my readers only come on over when I have a Boden post, so I felt it would benefit you all if I did a separate coupon post mentioning this diminishing discount coupon today.

The deal is simple...go to Boden and order today and tomorrow and receive 20% off of your order plus free shipping and returns.  If you wait till Friday, you will receive 15% off (which is still awesome) with free shipping and returns, and if you wait until Saturday, you will receive 10% off (which appears to be their current "sale" discount) and free shipping and returns.  In other words, if you are chomping at the bit for a Boden item (but not on the Boden Limited Edition--but at least you can get free shipping and returns on those items), ordering before Saturday will ensure an elevated % off discount.

Need some help with what to order?  Here are all the Boden Weekly Review Roundups we have had over here at My Superfluities in the past month or so: 02/25/11; 02/23/11; 02/17/11; 02/09/11; 02/02/11.  There will be an additional review roundup later today, but that post isn't ready yet (p.s. if you have a review for me, can you try and send it before 1 pm Eastern time, pretty please?).

Go ahead and enjoy this coupon!  Happy shopping, Boden Babes!

Use this coupon link:
Diminishing Discount for Boden - 20% off Tues, Wed, Thurs - 15% off Fri - 10% off Sat - plus Free Shipping & Returns!

(It is also at my sidebar until Saturday, as well!)

Anyone partaking in this offer?