Thursday, March 17, 2011

Boden Knitted Dresses for Me and Floral Dresses for Her! How Funky.

The sixth photo you will see today (of the ones from my camera, at least) will be of CW and me wearing our St. Patty's Day outfits (and it is on topic--my dress is a Boden knitted dress), but the great majority of this post will highlight some Boden outfits that CW and I have worn recently.  All you Boden babes are gonna love today's post.  In fact, today is the very first IRL fitting room photo of CW wearing mini-Boden.  ;)

So it was insanely pretty a few days ago, and I had to dress both CW and I in bright florals.  Yes, it is a bit much, but I tell you, people do respond positively when seeing pretty colors in the early spring.  CW's hair helped up the cute factor, too.  LOL.

I am wearing a Boden cotton knitted dress from Spring 2009.  I believe it was called the Funky Knitted Dress (which is what they call anything with crazy mod flowers or shapes, I've decided...Boden doesn't go real inventive with naming things...cough, cough, Anthropologie).  I wanted it so bad after seeing the cover of the Boden catalog with the beautiful model in it (fourth photo from the top), and when it went on sale, I bit as soon as I could. 

I also loved baby CW's funky dress (LOL) when I saw it on the most precious little girl model in the catalog (fifth picture from the top), and I bought her's at near full price (you know Boden, you can always count on at least a 10% off coupon).  CW was only FIVE months old.  She couldn't even fit into it until last spring.  :) 

I love their knitted dresses and tunics because they feel so darn good.  The lightweight knitted cotton is perfect for spring, keeps you warm, but isn't too warm like their merino wool (which I love in the fall and winter).  They are machine washable and the colors are vibrant and in my opinion look exactly as I expect them to based on what I see on the website (although some people read they grey in this dress as brown, which I didn't at all).  Notice my shoes.  These J. Crew ballet flats are in constant rotation in my wardrobe.  (I wore them again today.  I feel so predictable!)

Front view.  This dress is in no way the right dress for everyone.  You definitely will *not* fade into the background wearing this.

Cover that made me SWOON.  So glad I could upload it so it is FOREVER on the internet.  :)

On three, AWWW.  That little girl is so precious.  I also love the furniture, the other model's short, everything! (We actually own a chair from the 60s that is that exact shade of yellow. I understand it is an original Herman Miller or Eames???  Maybe?  Whatever it is, they are pretty hot in the mid-century modern furniture market right now.)

Funky Knitted Tunic
Funky Knitted Tunic.  This is what is currently available from Boden in the "funky" knitted range.  I still like mine better, but I can see how this would be more appealing to those of you not into bright yellow florals.  This also comes in a grey/white and teal/green version.  (You can click the photo to go straight to Boden's website to see colors, sizes, measurements.)

This is from today.  I am wearing the funky knitted dress from Spring 2010 here (at least that is what I call it, they may have named it the sassy knitted dress or the smart knitted dress, whatever).  The green is perfect for St. Patty's Day.  The necklace is J. Crew's from May 2008, and I won it on ebay (yay!).  The shoes look familiar, eh?

CW is in a mix of Target and Gymboree.  The pants are actually from when she was 6 months old.  Turns out you can REALLY extend the life of pants because baby pants have a stretchy waistband and the legs may be short on a two-year old but will fit fine in the waist.  Instant shorts! 

So what is this year's version of the dress CW wore in the first photo?  Surprise!  It is called the Funky Print Dress!  Ooh, la la.  :) 

CW was so sweet at Nordstrom's today.  She tried on three different outfits from mini-Boden (you will see the other two next week during the Boden Weekly Review Roundup) and calmly posed with all of them.  It was actually a lot of fun.  We will buy one of the outfits tomorrow (I have to wait till I have enough money in my bank account--Rosemary from Nordstrom's at Tysons is so great she is calling me to take the info tomorrow and we are going to have them shipped to me for free--Nordstrom's really does have great customer service!).  This dress is *not* the outfit we are going to buy.  I let CW choose and this wasn't her favorite.  So, I will wait for a sale (I hope it will get to sale!).

One more view.  Hey, Johnnie...would she work as a child model?  LOL.  I think I might be biased, but come on, adorable, right???

Funky Print Dress
Funky Print Dress.  You can see the different options, etc., if you click the photo.  I like the blue daisy the most, but they have a pink floral and red spot.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.  :)  Don't drink too much green beer, okay?

I plan on getting up my next 40 and 40 post.  I just couldn't get my act together on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Don't know what the 40 and 40 is?  Click here to see all the posts!