Friday, March 11, 2011

40 and 40: H&M Sleeveless Polo and Liberty of London for Target Top.

For more info on my 40 and 40 post, please visit the first post to learn more.

I forgot to mention in both the first and second post that I am more than willing to combine shipping, so if you wanted two or more items, let me know and I can get back to you with a combined shipping rate.

Thank you for continuing to look at my 40 and 40.  Remember, unless an item says "sold" or "given away," it is still available.  I have also created a label called "40 and 40" so you can look at all the items in the 40 and 40 without any other post coming up (labels are listed at the very bottom of each post, btw).

Okay, here are #76 and 75:
H&M Striped Sleeveless Polo.  Size Medium.  Fits more like a J. Crew small, so bear that in mind.  It is stretchy, uber-comfy, and those stripes?  So fresh and spring-like.  FREE (add $3.50 for shipping).

Liberty of London for Target Ruffle Collar Top.  Size small.  OBVIOUSLY I love this.  That said, the ruffle combined with the small ditsy print does the exact opposite of what I thought it would do--it makes my upper body seem way smaller which only emphasizes my pear shape.  (Isn't that weird?)  $5 (add $4.00 for shipping).

P.S. About 40 minutes left in my Arbonne goody bag giveaway.  Remember to visit my website to find out more and to make an order before midnight Eastern time.  :)