Monday, March 21, 2011

A Little Bit of Justice in My Life...

A Little Bit of Justice in My Life...
A Little Bit of Justice in My Life... by dinagideon featuring fossil watches
Found this darling giraffe top at a girls clothing store called Justice last week. CW and I wore it today, in all matching glory.

Above is what we both wore today. :) I added the hacking jacket (100% cashmere, found on ebay, size 2, for under $100--woo!) later.

I am wearing the size 16 Justice Princess Giraffe Tee (goes up to size 20!!!), and CW is wearing a size 6 (smallest size they have, hence the tunic look--little bit mid-80s rock star, too, in my opinion).

I paired it with skinny jeans (ankle toothpick, tall size 30, twilight wash) and silver shimmerveil ballet flats. CW did her version. LOL. ;)

I like how my face is fuzzy. If I was an anon blogger, I wouldn't even have to take my head off or put a heart on it or something.

We were at the doctor all morning for Rex's yearly. He is a BIG kid, but he has slowed his growth down enough that the doctor is no longer worried about him becoming obese. I kind of chuckled, but I guess many kids don't slim out after being chubby toddlers, which is why there is such a push towards healthier eating campaigns at schools. Rex's doctor said it is more common for bigger toddlers to become bigger kids. Huh. He actually seemed relieved that he wasn't going to have to give us the talk on childhood obesity.

Re: this weekend's silence over here at My Superfluities, I was all bummed because I had three followers leave. More than likely they were just ladies who followed me way back when and who have found that my style or focus is not theirs any longer, but regardless, it sort of stings. I know it *shouldn't* hurt, but it does. I may seem happy go lucky most of the time, but I still have feelings, ya know??? LOL. I feel better now...promise, just had to soak in the sadness for a couple of days. ;)