Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Target "Coppelle" Pencil Skirt!!!

This is not going to be my longest post ever...suffice it to say...work has been INSANITY today. We are end-of-year testing and EVERY single one of the computers that were in my classroom failed at one point or another. Multiple kids had to restart their tests. I am about to quit over how difficult it is to do something that should be so much easier. Ugh. I need wine. Stat.

If you have specific questions relating to this outfit, comment and I should be able to add my answer directly to the post (when I get home and get that wine, of course).

A couple of things to note:
This is the skirt from Gigiofca's post about Target copying the Coppelle design. I also bought the dress. I purchased them both from a Target in Richmond (I didn't stay in Richmond for the weekend but rather stopped by Richmond on our way back from Williamsburg--note--best Target ever located at the intersection of 295, Route 1, and I-95--basically the Atlee/Elmont exit off of 95 Southbound). I LOVE these pieces. They are extremely well-made. :)

The tee is the white tee I was talking about when I did the white tee post. I know technically it is off-white, but stark white tends to look kind of bad on me. It is an Eddie Bauer tee from a few years ago.

Please ignore the bandages on my feet. They are covering some awful blisters I got when running to school on Friday (I was "running" late...haha).

Target Coppelle Paisley Skirt for a Rainy Day!!!
Target Coppelle Paisley Skirt for a Rainy Day!!! by dinagideon featuring FOSSIL watches

This is the Polyvore.

This is the outfit with no cardigan.

I bought the skirt in a size 10. This skirt definitely fits close to the body but it seems to be made for me. The waist fits exactly at my waist and is definitely narrower than the hips. And because this skirt has a flared A-line but yet still manages to be a pencil skirt, it fits my hips nicely, too. YAY! I personally love the fabric and the lining. The fabric is substantial and the craftsmanship is very detailed. There are even pockets that are separate from the lining but in no way are bulky. Best part--the pockets are deep enough that I can use them when I want to put my hands in my pockets (which I do a lot while teaching)!

I would say this skirt is true to size, but if you have a large waist to hip ratio (the opposite of me), you probably should size up. This seems to be made more for us pear-shaped ladies.

This is the outfit with a cardigan.

This cardigan was on super-sale at J. Crew and it is awesome. The color is persimmon and is a beautiful coral-orange. And LOOK--it perfectly matches the skirt! :) I call that fate!

You all have a great day!


tm said...

yay! I got the skirt, too. :)
My initial top ideas: white jackie shell or a short sleeve white button down. Also might try it with a brown vneck tee. I have to assess my spring tops and see if I can incorporate something a little more interesting.

Summerilla said...

I love that skirt - and the dress - and the tunic! My target had them all but I was with the BF so I didn't have a lot of browsing time. I think I'm going to make a target run this week to try them on.

The colors look great on you!

Anonymous said...

Very cute on you! I love the colors!

Have you found that certain kids will always crash computers? It has nothing to do with their actions, but with their biochemistry (magnetic something or other). In college our computer teacher told us that over his 20 year career he started noticing this pattern. Weird, huh?

Go enjoy your drink! ;)

Nichi said...

My local target doesn't carry these, so I ordered the skirt online. I got 2 different sizes which gave me free shipping and I used the AAA 10% off code for members. I'll just take back the one that doesn't fit.

Thanks to you (and GiGi) for the IRL pictures.

HeidiG said...

I love it on you - so cute!! I was at my closest Target today - skirt was only in 2, 14, 16. Maybe I'll check Rio tomorrow.

Enjoy your vino tonight. I have my last boot camp class and I'm praying we get it in before the rain re-starts. Hopefully I'll be enjoying some vino myself later this evening!

Suzy said...

Uhmmm...you were in Richmond??? Wish I had known - we could have met! I frequent every Target here, haha!

Cute outfit! And we have SOL's this week and next week - UGGH - too. Will really need wine!

Take care!


Emily said...

I love it! The orange cardigan with the skirt is a great color combo. You always look so cute Dina!

A said...

I LOVE the skirt on you. It seems like you can create so many outfits with it. I thought all the pieces in this collection were brilliant when I saw Gigi in them too. Wish there was a Target in Canada. *sigh*

Unknown said...

That skirt looks SO CUTE on you! I just ordered the tunic and may go back for the skirt! :) Such a great print ...

JKW said...

What a great skirt! Reminds me of the paisley print from J. Crew spring 2008. Slastena recently wore the print in a tunic (her grad day post). This will be a very versatile piece, and you look lovely in it! Hmm, maybe I'll check my local Target soon...

Anonymous said...

Perfect outfit on you!

Cloggsy said...

My heart almost stopped when I saw the "copelle" skirt in Target. It was love at first site!

It looks fab on you, btw!

AppGal said...

oh my gosh! i can't believe your computers failed during the EOGs...what a MESS!!! Does your school do all testing on computers? That makes me glad we still do ours on paper. There's not much that can go wrong that way. My students' big test is NEXT Wednesday. I am shoving any last-minute knowledge I can think of down my poor freshmen students' throats :)

Oh, and love your outfits :) I can't believe how good of a knock-off the Target version is...brilliant! Makes me glad I don't have a store nearby because I would spend waaaaaay more $ than I do now :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dina! Gave you an award on my blog!

Milly said...

i want that skirt! so cute

dinagideon said...

Hi all: I want to say thank you to everyone. I loved wearing this on Tuesday, and after nearly ten hours of wear (and a bit of help from spanx), this skirt looked pretty good with only the smallest amount of wrinkling. YAY!

From this point until the end of the school year, I will only be able to general comments back unless a specific question is asked. I hate this because I love the conversations we have so much, but something has to give in my short supply of time. :) I know you all are fine with this...but better for me to let you know what is going on rather than you all thinking I am ignoring you...which I would never, ever do!

Stephanie: Your idea (or your prof's) that there are certain kids with weird biochemistry is interesting. If that is the case then this one kid in my group must be REALLY out of whack. His computer screwed up 8 times. Ugh. Only three kids sailed through the process without having issues. Blegh.

Suzy: I was in Richmond, for 45 minutes, and only to go to Target. ;) We love that Target. I updated my post to reflect my brief stay in your awesome city. We were actually in Williamsburg this last weekend. Next time I stay for longer...we are all meeting up! That would be fun!

AppGal: The vast majority of our testing is on computers. And it blows. Big Time. We miss paper and pencil. I think the kids really like be able to cross things out, write thoughts down, plus there is that whole "touch" factor. That is why I love books and will probably not ever go the route of books on computer. The tangible factor is overlooked as part of what human beings need and desire. Just my two cents...

You all have a great day! Good luck if you all go to Target...I hear this print is selling fast!