Friday, May 15, 2009

And the winner, by a LANDSLIDE is...

The Jackie Cardigan.
I am glad that so many of you voted in the poll this week. 66 to be exact. :) The Jackie Cardigan won with 22 votes or 33%. You all love you some Jackie. Wow. When I tried the cardigan on (in a medium), the shoulder seams were an inch below where my actual shoulders are. Either the fit model is a linebacker or I have the wrong size (but it appears I would have to wear a small...not a single one of my cardigans are a small and they fit just fine in the shoulders). Did any of you have the same experience, that is--did you have to size down in this cardigan?
The other winners and losers are:

Michelle Merino Is Mighty Magical!
7 (10%)

My Miriam Makes Me Smile!
0 (0%)

Short-Sleeve (Cashmere or Cotton) Seems to Suit Me!
4 (6%)

I Love Me a Cotton Printed Cardi (Gladiola, Fresco, Crocodile)!
5 (7%)

Cotton-Cashmere Bouquet Calls My Name!
1 (1%)

Library Shawl is My Love!
11 (16%)

Cotton Cricket Cries Hello to Me!
1 (1%)

French Terry Feel Just Right!
3 (4%)

My Professor Professes His Love!
1 (1%)

Merino Lili, While Misunderstood, is My Love!
0 (0%)

Another Cardigan is All I Need...AKA Not Mentioned Above!
11 (16%)
So is it weird of me to feel badly for the Miriam and the Lili cardigans (no love at all for these)? I voted for the short-sleeve cardigan, by the way. But if you spend enough time here at My Superfluities you already knew that I would choose that one. :) I see three other people agreed with me. Right on!
I am curious...if you were one of the 11 who voted for the "Another Cardigan is All I Need..." category, which J. Crew cardigan do you love?
Also, many thanks to HeidiG. who came up with the idea for this poll. I will be using another one of your ideas for next week's poll!


HeidiG said...

The fit model is a linebacker? No wonder I like Jackie!! But I did vote for Library, since it's my fave. I do love my Lili, but it's not as wearable as my Library, which is why I paid FP for Library and got Lili on sale.

New arrangement - I'll let you know when I find something too tight in the shoulders and you can tell me when you find something too linebacker-y. That should work, lol!!

Anonymous said...

I voted for "other" b/c I do not think the quality of the current Jackies is anything close to the Jackies I bought in 2004. I bought 5 then and they are so well made. I bought one last year and I took it back....

Anonymous said...

I prefer the heavier knit sweater jackets that I bought a ton of last winter 2007/spring 2008. Recently, I have not been impressed with the sheerness or thinness of JCrew's sweaters....I have been buying more of their blazers and jackets as a result.

Kristin said...

Please - a poll about the best white tshirt. Not see thru, comfy. Could even be - gasp! - non-JCrew! I'm desperate for a new white tshirt but the ones I seem to try on are so sheer you can see my belly button or are cut very matronly. There has to be the perfect one out there somewhere!! Thanks!

tm said...

I have to admit, I voted twice! Once for jackie, once for french terry. Jackie is classic, but I am not as happy about the quality as I used to be. Anon at 3:02 is right. I haven't had major issues with newer ones (no holes or discoloration), but they do not seem to retain their shape as well, and have loose buttons of course. So, I had to give a vote to french terry because I am very surprised at how much I enjoy the french terry shawl collar cardigan.

sparrowsandsparkles said...

Go Jackie! :)
You know, when I was trying to gauge the length of something in a catalog at the store, I made a comment about the models height, and how it would be so different on me, and the SA said, no, the J Crew fit models are 5'6"! Has anyone else heard that? At any rate, those catalog models can't be 5'6"!

tm said...

sparrowsandsparkles, I'm 5'1" and find it amusing/annoying that they use the SAME models (same picture, really) for regular, tall and petites. Which I guess just means, "if you're not freakishly tall/short, then the garment should hit your body at this point." :P

HeidiG said...

S&S - I'm no JC SC rep (clearly) but a fit model is different than a catalog model.

The fit model is the person on whom they fit the clothing and that determines hem length, sleeves, etc, and that would match the description in the catalog. One notable example of a fit model is the creator of Paige Premium Denim - she was a fit model for jeans for years so she really knows her denim.

Whereas the catalog model - someone different than the fit model and the clothing is (clearly) styled to within an inch of its life.

HTH! Or at least that it makes sense.

dinagideon said...

HeidiG: You crack me up. There is no way either the fit model or you are even close to a linebacker. What it means is that I have freaky, bony, wimpy shoulders. Blegh. (And you know what? I swim, like a lot, and supposedly swimmers all have great shoulders...umm, no, I am here to prove that adage wrong...)

I also think that in addition to you telling me when shoulders are too narrow, you also tell me when shoes are too narrow. ;) You are the best! I love you in all those cardis, btw. Perfection!

Anon @ 3:02: Yeah, you are so not alone...I have been reading that over at JCA. Jackie is letting so many of you all down. Bad girl. :)

The recent sweaters have been thin. I don't mind that because I run hot (yuck), so the only way I can typically wear sweaters is if they are thin...must be why I love "featherweight" cashmere. LOL.

Kristin: Your wish, my command...maybe Sunday or Monday I will put it up? I think a few ladies will throw their two cents in before Monday, though. I don't wear a lot of white tees and the ones I do I always wear with a nude bra or cami, so the sheerness isn't too big of a deal, but I so can understand why you would want something more substantial!

Tastymoog: Well that's okay! I will forgive you! :) (I almost voted twice myself...)

I have heard a lot of good things about that french terry one. Lot of ladies love that one!!!

sparrowsandsparkles: Yes, no way!!! Vanessa is the shortie at 5'7" so I figure if she is wearing it and it hits at her knee then it should hit me at the same place (I am only 1 inch taller than her). The one model has to be VERY TALL. She always looks very uncomfortable in the clothes. Her poor feet are all squeezed into the shoes and I just want to yell, "Just let her go barefoot!"

I think fit models are the ones that the companies use to make the clothing if their fit model is 5'6" and has 40 inch hips, a 30 inch waist, and a 37 inch bust, then she is their size 10 model...or something like that. Maybe they have one fit model for each size? I want to be a fit model...just so I can 100% guarantee that I can wear a size! :) We can all dream, right?

dinagideon said...

Tastymoog and HeidiG: Yep!!! Took the words right out of my mouth!

HeidiG, great explanation!

Tastymoog, my stepmom gets real annoyed by petites not being real petites. I totally understand that.

She actually laughs when something is too long on me because it never happens. I think she laughs because she knows I now know her pain. :)

(original) Genny said...

Yes, I am always on the look out for a thick white tee shirt. I do not do sheer (waste of money to me as I am always cold and they seem to wear out very easily.) I take super good care of my white square neck Talboats tee that I bought a few years ago. It is perfect in thickness and looks fine at work.

Slastena said...

Ooh, I missed on a poll somehow, but my vote would have gone to library undoubtedly! :) It was fun to read what others chose nevertheless!:))

3-Penny Princess said...

Although I love my Lili (and my older Jackies), I voted for "other" too. My absolute favorites are all the shawl-collar sweaters. Last year I was all about the cashmere shrunken shawl-collar cardi. This spring I love my Georgia cardis. I also adore the lofty cashmere shawl-collar pullover sweaters as well as this year's cabin popover. Bring on more shawl-collars!

dinagideon said...

Kristen and Genny:

I was at Target this weekend and saw a really nice looking white tee in the athletic area. It was very no frills but was thick and plush looking. No see through, for sure!

I am going to put up the poll today, so hopefully some opinions will be heard!

dinagideon said...

Slastena: You do look beautiful in the Library cardigan. I thought you had voted. Well, I guess we can plus one for the library cardigan!

3PP: Those shawl-collars are very flattering, I agree. They really highlight the face...I like the Georgia cardigan, esp. the one you wore to the tee...very pretty and perfect for spring/early summer!