Friday, May 1, 2009

I (Heart) Milly!!! (Worn on April 17, 2009.)

Hi! Please understand that while J. Crew will most often be my clothing company of choice, there are many other brands that I love. One of them is Milly. This clothing company makes some wonderful dresses, especially, with all sorts of funky and pretty prints. I really (heart) the dresses that this company makes in the jersey fabric. They are soft, flowy, and exceedingly comfortable.

What don't I (heart)? The price tags. OUCH! I have seen Milly dresses well into the hundreds of dollars. I can only even begin to think about purchasing a Milly dress on sale. Also, Milly is hard to find. I realize that the clothing is sold at many upscale department stores and on-line, but it is really hard for me to get out and go try on clothes (and if I am spending hundreds of dollars that is what I need to do).

Here are some of Milly's current offerings.

I am sad to say I only own one Milly dress...and it came with me to California. This was purchased in 2007 at some super-sale price from Pink in Richmond, VA. I think it was originally price at 250-300 dollars but I was able to get it for about 125 dollars.

It is a lovely, funky, bright print and is made of that wonderful jersey fabric I spoke of earlier. It has a belt detail and decorative (non-functioning) buttons. It is a shorter dress, but since I rarely show off my legs (I am weird about it when it is too cool outside), when I do show off my legs I like it to be with a cute dress or skirt (even all my shorts are bermuda length). Because I think high heels look odd with a skirt this short, I paired the dress with my vachetta sandals from J. Crew (spring 2008).

Now, read this carefully, I know, definitely am aware of how odd the lighting is. I am also very aware of how odd the angle of the photograph is. No, my skin is not really that pale and my hair is not that color. (Lighting can screw any photo up and make things look different than in real life...anyone who blogs and posts pics knows this all too well.)

BTW, I forgot to mention why I wore this dress...I was going out for dinner with my family in California. We went to one of our uncle's favorite restaurants and had an empty chair to represent was cool, sweet, and touching. :)

Update: I found one on sale (Ebay) for 110 dollars in a size extra-small if anyone likes this dress. :)


Emily said...

I heart me some Milly too! There was a sale on Gilt Groupe the other day. BTW If you need an invite for Gilt let me know. The best deals I find on Milly seem to be at Neiman's last call. For some reason they always have a few pieces for super cheap.

I love the dress on you! I can just tell that the colors are fabulous against your skin. Very sweet and touching about your Uncle and his favorite restaurant.

Happy Friday!

Drewablank said...

I'm glad Emily told you about the Gilt sales. I say that this would be the perfect dress to wear in CA weather! :)

HeidiG said...

I love that dress on you - looks fantastic! Great print, great style, and knit - ooooh, so comfy!!

what a special occasion for you all - such a lovely idea!

Emily - could I please get an invite for Gilt? You can email me at heidigblog at verizon dot net. TIA!

Petunia said...

I love Milly, too! I never even thought of looking for it on ebay! :)

dinagideon said...

I am finally commenting back (yay)!!!

Emily: I would love to check Gilt Groupe out. If you need to e-mail the invite the best place to e-mail is And Neiman's Last Call--will have to find the nearest one to my house--would love to see what they have.

Drewablank: This is the perfect dress for a warm and sunny day...which sadly we have had a severe lack of the past week here. Sigh. ;)

HeidiG: Thank you so much! I want to see you in a dress like this...I bet you would look so pretty!

Petunia: Yeah, ebay has everything. I should have never opened an account. I am like ten years gone. It took me that long to figure out that ebay and amazon are the places to go for good deals. My hubby knew all this back in like 1998. I feel like such a neophyte. (LOL.)