Friday, May 22, 2009

Ooh...Party Time!!!

I went to two parties (well, three, but two were on the same day) last week. I have two different party outfits for you all to glance at.

But first things first!!! These two outfits are interesting because one of them my husband really LOVED and the other one he really HATED. What cracks me up is that my brother really, really LOVED the one my husband hated. Heehee. So if any of you ladies want my bro, I guess you know which outfit to wear when you meet him. HILARIOUS. However, if you really want a kind of nerdy, shy, yet sweet guy, definitely do not wear what I wore that he HATED. ;)

So why did I wear the outfit he hated? Umm...we have been married a LONG time and well, most of my outfits he loves. Also, he has questionable fashion sense. For instance, the last outfit he really disliked (here), you all LOVED. So, honestly, I can't always dress the way he likes.

Here is the Polyvore of the outfit he loved. Honestly, I love this outfit, too. I am a HUGE fan of seersucker. If you live anywhere near where it gets as sweltering hot and humid as it does here in Northern Virginia (well, anywhere in Virginia, really) should own seersucker. It is a great fabric for being dressy but not killing yourself with wool (hello, heatstroke)!

So I wore it with a linen sweater (bought off JCA--awesome transaction, btw) and it was the PERFECT combo for that night. Last Thursday night wasn't too hot so I could get away with this look. If it had been hotter, I would have worn a cami (like my victoria or bria or lydia) instead.

This green is is Kermit the frog, for sure. Fine by me...the brighter the better...however, this is a sweater from last summer so it isn't available except through ebay or the great exchange over at JCA.

Here is the suit with the blazer. Yes, I did have to take it off because it did get to warm, but oh, well.

Just so you know, the total cost of this suit was 70 dollars. This is a Merona Collection suit (from Target) and it is really, really well made. I think J. Crew has competition! I bought the blazer in an 8 and the pants in a 10. The pants sit fairly high on the waist so keep that in mind when you order (if you order).

Ooh, Mr. Dina HATED this outfit. A lot. He says he just doesn't get why I would want to wear something that froofy. I know why...because it is fun. Saturday was SWELTERING. This outfit allowed me to stay cool and yet be somewhat dressed up for the parties (one for a Ph.D. grad and one for my bro with his Associate Degree). This is the outfit Pete (my bro) LOVED. Girls, stat, to J. Crew now. Skirt is on sale. ;)

I will admit to being a bit stuck on what top to wear with this bottom. I like the way I styled it (even if I look a bit 80s...yes, haters, I know...I know). So I am gonna throw it out there...keep in mind I have a short torso...what would you pair this with? I think the next time I wear it (yes, Mr. Dina, it is coming out to play again) I will pair it with a fitted polo shirt. Does that sound cute? What other ideas are out there?

Does anyone have any interest in creating polyvores for this? I would love to see the ideas in that format, too! (I know I am asking a lot but some of you all love this stuff...) Thank you in advance!

I only did a close-up because I wanted to show off the coolest sunglasses in the world. These are made by Boden. I love them so much that I actually have them in a green horn color, too. These that I am wearing are the light brown and they are perfect for spring and early summer. The tint is a medium tint so they still allow you to see pretty well (I hate too dark sunglasses). The case it comes in is very practical (read: big and bulky), but practical is better than ruined sunglasses.

The green horn color comes in a different tint, a darker tint, better in my opinion for the pool and the beach.

That's all for now...

Oh, by the way, this dress is now sold out. I am keeping the post up, though, because the exchange between HeidiG. and Drewablank cracked me up.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Computer is coming with me down to my vacation spot, so you will get more from me (hopefully)!


Ms.Mer said...

Thanks for posting the seersucker suit, it's lovely! Quite a deal too, so even better. :)

Me likey the styling on the tiered skirt/tank combo. As far as other ideas... I would say go crazy with the snug tank tops... turquoise, navy, tea rose. Like it with that belt too. When you mention a polo, would you tuck it in? I think snug, colorful scoopneck tee shirts might look nice too. Anything simple that doesn't compete with the "froufrou-ness" (hehe!) of the skirt.

I would love to play around with it in Polyvore but am actually taking a break at work... I need to get back to it! :)

Have a great Memorial Day wknd!

Drewablank said...

The first outfit, I must say, is very conservative, which may explain Mr. Dina's love for it. (You did mention Mr. Dina was a "kind of nerdy, shy, yet sweet guy".) :) The second, more playful and light - like your bro? Hehehe!

I loved both - for different occasions, as it may seem. I'm guessing the first event was a little on the conservative side, given the political bigwigs and all. Seersucker suit to cover both conservative and staying-cool-in-VA-summer-heat, check.

For the second (congratulations, Pete!), more casual, hence the tank and the lovely ruffle tier skirt. Lookin' good, Ms. Dina! I love this skirt (remember when I bought it when we went on that "date" with CW?) - so frilly and girly! Pairin' it with the polo shirt sounds like a plan; I wore mine to church last Sunday with a fitted quarter-sleeved navy and white striped shirt with red wedges - very nautical. :)

I find that, since I'm a little short waisted myself, pairing this skirt with an UN-tucked shirt/top makes it look a little less...uhm...less...short waisted. ('Didn't really have to think too much, did I?:p) Also, a fitted top will always work better than a slouchy, flowy top given the volume of the skirt itself.

You just made me want those sunglasses!! I'm so in the market for a good pair. On to Boden I go! :) Have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend, Dina!!

Anonymous said...

Those sunglasses fit your face really well. If you get a chance, could you post a pic of the green ones? I may actually order those. The green color looks great on the Boden site, but it's always helpful to see a real-life pic.

HeidiG said...

First of all, I think Drewablank is getting me back for tempting her with the dress because she is trying to get me to buy all 3 dresses that I posted about. but yeah, it cracked me up, too.

Outfit #1 - the Old Richmond girl in me loves loves loves it! Love the seersucker. Love the green with it. Excellent outfit. You look great.

Outfit #2 - love it too! So glad you got the skirt. love the idea of the polo with it. Like Drewablank's suggestion of wearing something untucked (yeah, I know I always do that), but you could belt it on top. I think the length is key finding something long enough but not too long. I would try some of your graphic tees with it and a pair of critter flip flops.

thanks for posting the outfits!! Sounds like some fun for you & Mr Dina!

p s- how much is the skirt on sale for?

sparrowsandsparkles said...

Adorable! I love seersucker. Merona Collection has seriously been rocking it lately. Have a great weekend. :)

Kristin (the one who requested the white shirt poll) said...

I was just thinking of pulling the trigger on those Boden sunglasses today! Thank you so much for posting a closer-up picture - they look great on you!! Silly question - what is the case like? I read in one of the reviews that it's covered in a floral fabric - that sounds awesome. I found a code for 15% off a free ship/free returns, so I have a feeling I'm hitting the order button later today. Seeing you mention them is an omen, right?

Also, love the seersucker. Reminds me of Project Runway a few seasons ago when Michael made a suit out of seersucker. Totally rocked!

Beth said...

I do love your sunglasses and ooohhhh...that necklace!
Have a great LONG weekend my friend!!

Summerilla said...

I love both outfits. I just love your use of bright colors and you make it look so good. I really like the seersucker suit. I saw a similar pair of pants at the J.Crew outlet - I should have tried them on.

Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

Slastena said...

Dina, Iam so glad you got the tiered ruffle skirt. It's lovely adn looks great on you! You look so summery, joyous and carefree in t. Men just don't get us, at all! :)) If I wre what husband wanted me to wear, I'd look like this:
-super low cut tank, tight mini-skirt and high, high heels. You get my drift, lol!:)MY frined is super jealous and his wife would look like this- loose blouse ( in mouse-y color), long shapeless skirt and grandma shoes. And she has a gorgeous body. Cant' please eveyone!!

Jordyn said...

You look cute!!! Men are such fickle silly husband has designated 3 pairs of my shoes that he begs me to wear on "date nights"....LOL. Regarding the seersucker suit....LOVE! I bought one last year from Ann Taylor Loft...its a blazer, skirt, and pants and I actually wear it for work all of the so comfortable when it is 9 billion degrees outside!

Anonymous said...

Sharp dressed Woman in the Seersucker Suit!
Flirty dressed Woman in the tank and fun skirt!
Luvee both outfits!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh... regarding Slastena's Post's true when a Man compliments how a Woman looks it's usually cuz some cleavage is showing or some thighs...or tight means sooo much more to me when I get compliments from a Woman than a Man (and no I am not a Lesbian!!!) When a Woman compliments--especially one with style--to me they are noticing the things like color/detail etc.

3-Penny Princess said...

As soon as I saw that green on you, I had to see the outfit. I adore it, and you look smashing in shades of clover and dark lime (or whatever they're calling this year's incarnation). I am smitten with this green to and have been buying a lot ot clover and dark lime.'s not that I don't like the flirty skirt look, but I particularly love the green outfit! But then, the old Carolina girl in me also loves seersucker. Have you ever tried the J.Crew seersucker skirt?

As for husbands' fashion tastes, as long as they like what you're wearing most of the time, it's fine (they do have to see you a lot, after all). But I stray from my hubby's taste once in a while and wear something he doesn't like. He's cool with it, but he'll still tell me he doesn't like it. I can live with that.

Anyway, have a marvelous long weekend! And let's hope those sticky swampy Washington summer days are still far away.

Unknown said...

I think what he considers your froofy outfit is actually fresh and breezy! Love the combo of a floaty skirt with a more structured/fitted top. Adorable!

surrlie said...

Love both outfits! Oh, and I took you up on your challenge to make a polyvore for the skirt:

dinagideon said...

Hi everyone:

Well, we are on vacation right now (wooh--yay for spa services) I will keep my comments back on this post a bit briefer than I normally do (but I know you all understand).

I have to say everyone's ideas about what to pair with the tiered ruffle skirt has me thinking. I am so excited to try them all...tanks, tighter-fitting tops, cute sweaters, some cardis, etc.

I also completely appreciate everyone who either has made a polyvore set or will make a polyvore set with this skirt (surrlie I love yours).

Also, I completely LOVE your hubby/significant other stories with regards to dressing. My fave is Slastena's with how her husband would love her in low-cut tops all the time. :) That is such a guy thing, huh? My husband likes it when I do that too (which I rarely ever do).

Also a few of you asked about the green sunglasses and the case. I took pics yesterday of both. I will post them as soon as I can get them into the computer and find some time to create a new post. My kids (at school and home) take WAY TOO much energy lately. Especially school...on Tuesday I have to spend pretty much the ENTIRE day watching the kids take a standardized test. There is nothing MORE BORING than watching 6th-graders take a three hour test. Ugh!

Have a great night and Monday, all. :)

AppGal said...

Both of these outfits are ADORABLE!! i love your color combos!

haha! I had to laugh when I read Slastena's commment--it is SO TRUE! My hubby would want me to dress the same way. His favorites are the tight black dresses that show a lot of skin.

It's almost like when I dress, I mostly dress for my women-friends, if that makes any sense. I dress for those who can appreciate it, and it makes me feel more confident as a woman when other women "approve." Regardless of what your hubby says, we will ALWAYS approve of your outfits! :)

Gwen said...

So where do you buy Boden at in the US? Can you order online through a UK website?? I have never done that!

Cloggsy said...

LOVE the seersucker suit on you, it looks fabulous!

Tippy said...

oh my gosh i love the striped tank with the ruffle skirt! I actually have the metallic version of the skirt from last summer and have not yet worn it because I never knew what to pair with it. Thanks for the inspiration!