Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quick Update and Two Pictures of Necklaces for Polyvore!!!

I have been a bit under the gun at school and at home. Very little time is being afforded to me so I can dare they? :) Just kidding. I know May is crunch-time and I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but still. Man. I need a break. Since I spend about 15% of my day nursing CW (or in some manner all figure it out)...I have a lot less time for other things. And dear blog readers and friends, you all have to be one of my last priorities. Sad. :(

I had to do at least one post, I am showing off pics of two necklaces I received this weekend. I really am doing this for polyvore, but figured you all would love to see them because they are very nice.

By the way, I have commented back on the grey, white, and yellow belted outfit post. You all are so sweet and complimentary. I definitely need to wear that outfit again!!!

This is a DianaP. necklace and I got it on Saturday at the tea party. Isn't it divine? The flower is vintage and DianaP. really made the beading and pieces fit just perfectly. This necklace can also be turned into three separate necklaces...the one you see here (and the one I wore on Mother's Day--you will see this outfit soon)...and one that can be a single strand...and one that can be all three strand but minus the flower. Oh, and the flower is a pin and can be attached to coats, jackets, etc. as a brooch of sorts. :) VERY PRETTY, in my opinion.

This is the necklace that my kids and my dear husband got for me for Mother's Day. It is from Target but to me it looks like a necklace from a speciality boutique. do it every even managed to grab my hubby and my kids... :) I love it, though. That color is just perfect with so many things I wear (and wear it I did, on Monday, in fact).

Have a great night, everyone!


Unknown said...

Family pick is great, of course. I love the green. Diana's is a stunner. Wow.

Summerilla said...

I love the flower necklace. I think I'm going to make a trip to DianaP's shop at the flea market some time.

I also love the necklace the hubby and kids picked for you, very cute. I love anything green!

Francesca said...

Oh my, what a pretty necklace! Looks very much like one I was lusting after at Anthropologie, and then it sold out! Please show this necklace and how it's worn in the other ways; it sounds so versatile!

Does DianaP have an online shop?

HeidiG said...

Lovey the necklaces, will be looking for on Polyvore!!

Kat said...

Both are lovely! I have quite a few of DianaP's pieces as favorites on Etsy!

KatyO. said...

Both necklaces are GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see them with complete outfits. I will definitely have to order from DianaP. :)

Milly said...

love the necklace from Diana P....stunning!

dinagideon said...

Gigiofca: Thank you. I knew DianaP.'s would be popular...I think the link takes you to her etsy shop. She is super-cool, btw. Real nice and friendly.

Summerilla: Thanks. I will let lil CW and Rex know they did good. :)

Francesca: I will totally wear that necklace many different ways. It is crazy pretty. :) She does have an etsy shop...I put the link in the post somewhere!

HeidiG: Oh, they are there. I am obsessed with getting my whole closet in polyvore. I don't care how ridiculous some of the pieces may look. Well, we all have to have a mission in life, right?

Kat: I need to check out her shop on etsy for some more pieces. I think many of my female relatives may have some personalized pieces from her in the near future.

KatyO.: This style is perfect for you. I know they will look gorgeous on you!

Milly: That necklace makes me smile it is that pretty!!! :)

Slastena said...

I've seen Diana's- gorgeous, destined to be heirloom one day! Just wait, CW will fashion it in no time!:))
The green one is lovely too- perfect for spring!

3-Penny Princess said...

I adore the floral clasp necklace! I think it will look so good with all your pretty pastels. I wonder what stones those are? They're very pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of you in it!

3-Penny Princess said...

BTW - Diana's site is

Unknown said...

I'm blushing.

Thank you, so much for the compliments and for the shout-out! I can't wait to see the outfits on your blog!

dinagideon said...

Slastena: CW is going to get this as soon as I know she can take care of it...maybe mid-twenties? I love all my heirloom I have to start a collection for her, too.

3PP: I have no idea which stones they are but maybe DianaP. can let us know? GORGEOUS is my favorite word for this necklace. :)

DianaP.: You should hopefully get some orders from this...I bet you will need to make more floral necklaces...

You truly are gifted in making jewelry. Amazing work!

Unknown said...

Oh, yes. I forgot the stones! Well, let's see if I remember... We've got some agates, some coral, and I truly can't recall the greenish-yellow ones, but they seem to be some type of a quartz. You'd understand my pain if you could see the amount of stones I have!