Monday, May 11, 2009

Review of J. Crew’s Magnolia-Leaf Necklace…

I am choosing not to show you the outfit I wore on Wednesday, May 6, 2009, because it was just blegh. The total outfit, that is. The individual pieces are awesome, but together, eh.

So instead I will focus on my favorite part of my outfit, the necklace I wore that day. I have been promising you all a review of this necklace but because of factors out of my control, I could only get to it today (Monday, May 11, 2009).

By the way, what are those factors? Well, Saturday was just gorgeous and hot and humid and oh, the day of the JCA Tea Party. So I spent all day with the most fantastic ladies of the DC/Richmond region. That night I took my step-mom out for dinner (which turned into a dinner for me, too…yay for being a mom). The next day was Mother’s Day and was quite possibly the prettiest day of the year yet. I was out the entire day and took a nap when I got home. Then I had swim coaching. So this is the first opportunity I have had to write!!! (But I know you all totally understand—which is why I love you all!)

(And, yes, I am planning on putting pics up from the weekend…of course!)

So, this amazing necklace…you can purchase it here. I see they have not sold out. Good…I want you all to have a chance to get it!

Here is the necklace on me. You can see that the necklace falls to about the chest area. It will fall differently on each person, but it is not an especially long necklace. In the May catalog there is a pic in the special event dresses section that shows the magnolia-leaf necklace falling to right below the neck itself, but I bet they finagled the clasp to make it fall that high (which I think I want to try sometime…very pretty in my opinion). Obviously the best part of this whole ensemble is my gorgeous girl CW, but I think the sweet necklace takes a second place, easily!

Here is a close-up of the necklace. As you can see it is a delicate looking charm, but in real life, this charm is substantial and well-made. I was surprised at how inexpensive it was. At $45 it is priced to sell and probably sell-out. I actually bought this at the store (Tyson’s) and only because someone had returned (!!!) it. The sales assistant was all set to buy it but then I asked about it and she handed it over (so sweet) and I was able to get it for even less money with the Mickey card (so it ended up being around $33). As I was paying the cashier, another person asked about the necklace, so it convinced me even more that I had chosen well.


Emily said...

Thanks for doing a post on Magnolia leaf necklace. I never noticed it until your post! It's really pretty and understated. Looks great on you! I am amazed at how big CW is. She is just so adorable! Oh I saw the pics of the tea party on 3PP's blog and you looked great. Loved the green on you.

sparrowsandsparkles said...

beautiful necklace and lovely against the orange :)

HeidiG said...

Love the necklace - almost as cute as CW. Great piece - it's nice when you want something a little shiny or sparkly, but not too much.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty necklace. It looks like it would go with a lot. CW is adorable!! Happy Mother's day!!

Drewablank said...

Belated happy Mothers' day to you! I'm so glad to have seen you on Saturday! :)

The Magnolia necklace is so pretty. Simple but oh-so-elegant! And not bad, price-wise either - and with the 25% card, even better!

And oh, I miss lil' CW.

JNJ said...

It's lovely paired w/ that pretty orange sweater. I like how they styled it high as well. I'd almost be tempted to get two and wear one high and the other low on a double strand. And, like Emily, I loved seeing that green Bria cami on you in Slastena's pics.

AppGal said...

stunning! i loooove leaf necklaces (but hey, what can i say...i'm a hippie at heart! :D)

ashley said...

yay! thanks for the review! that necklace is so pretty and simple! i love it! now i MUST HAVE IT!!!! great price too!

Unknown said...

Very pretty!

A said...

I love the necklace...and adore CW. Happy belated Mother's day! :)

starla729 said...

pretty necklace! love the pic with you and CW... she's looking right at the camera. what a cutie!

dinagideon said...

Emily: As a lady involved with JL in Dallas, TX, I think a magnolia-leaf necklace would be wonderful with your JL outfits! :)

CW is huge!!! She started off so small and now is just really heavy--good arm exercise, though!

Sparrowsandsparkles: Thank you!!!

HeidiG: Yes, I think CW is the cutest thing in my house...she and those big ole eyes of hers!

I love the size of this necklace...very similar to the fireball necklace in its weight and overall glitz factor!!! I got my fireball in the mail and I LOVE it!!! I cannot wait to wear it...

Stephanie: I think I will get a lot of use out of this necklace...will look so nice agains a lot of my plainer tees, for instance.

Drewablank: Kind of like the pearl bracelet that you got for 25% off? :) Smile!

CW misses you, too!

JNJ: Now that sounds like a plan...I might have to try that layering effect. I bet it will look so pretty!

AppGal: Yep, this is a necklace for Junior League and for Hippies...I love it!!! So suitable for so many... :)

Ashley: I figured you would already own know you being my internet fashion twin. ;)

Gigiofca: Thank you so much!

A Bigger Closet: Thank you and I definitely need to find more opportunities to "show off" CW. I love it when I can find a reason to get her in the shot. I think I need to do a kid-centered post again.

Starla729: My kids love looking at the camera. I think they get it from me and my dad...we are big photo-hogs. I think that is why I started a I could give myself an excuse to use the camera everyday. (Laughter.) :)

Cloggsy said...

I picked myself one up today and I LOVE it. I'm actually wearing it the other way around, to how it's shown on the website (and how you have it) - I think it looks more earthy that way (that'll be the boho in me!)

You are right, for $45, it's fantastic. Now I wish I have picked up the birdcage I saw the other month. ARGH, big regrets.

Marietta said...

I picked up the necklace today, I love it!!! Thanks so much for a great review. :-)