Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One Outfit Becomes Two Outfits When Rex Gets Involved!!!

Before I begin this post, I wanted to tell you the story of Rex's behavior at dinner in North Carolina that I mentioned in this post. HeidiG., Rosa, Summerilla, and others really wanted to read our tale of a two-year old, so here goes:

We love Owen's restaurant in Nags Head, NC. It is such a yummy treat for us whenever we head to the Outer Banks. Every time we head there, we eat there. And this has never been a challenge for us, even with the two little ones, so we forged on ahead. Then we arrived. And then we had a twenty-minute wait that became a ten-minute wait, and of course, Mr. Dina had taken Rex to the other end of the world on a walk, and I couldn't find him so we could get seated. By the time we had located each other, I was irate and antsy, and I guess Rex really likes to emulate his parents' bad behavior, and he, upon being seated, became a HOLY TERROR. He wouldn't sit still, he kept saying "no" really loudly, he kept attempting to seriously maim his little sister...AGH. At one point, another kid in the restaurant screamed REALLY LOUDLY (only consolation that night was knowing that we were not alone), and guess who decided it would be SO funny to do the same thing??? Then, and later we found out why this happened, the two tables beside us were moved to other parts of the restaurant...which, and this is purely because I am all proper, I was so upset by...I, Miss Priss, had caused others so much angst that they moved!!! Well, it turns out that the waitress moved them because she didn't want us to feel uncomfortable the whole evening. She has been in our shoes and didn't want OUR dinner ruined by people shooting us awful looks. I just wish she had told us when she was doing it rather than later, but whatever, I guess knowing the reasoning makes it a bit better.

Rex DID eventually calm down, and actually enjoyed the meal. But by that point, I was very frazzled. Good thing Owen's has a fantastic wine menu. :) (By the way, Owen's really is a family restaurant, and is really gifted at making seafood dishes, so if you all are ever down that way, and you have kids, check it out...)

You all ready for another night that Rex got his grubby little hands all over (literally)?

Here is the polyvore of TWO outfits that was only supposed to have one outfit. All of you parents out there must know exactly what happened...

A neighbor of ours had a "Hispanic Heritage" Party at her house, and since it was so pretty outside (best weather day, hands down, in the DC region all year), I wanted to wear something comfy, cozy, and lightweight. Plus, it had to be able to wear well to two events, the party and the DC United soccer game we were headed to later that night...

I had not yet worn the tiered silk cami, and really wanted to wear it, because it was one of my I pulled it out. On its own it was okay with the khaki cocktail capris, but I really wanted to punch the outfit up a bit. So I put it with the cashmere argyle vest that I bought last spring and also had yet to wear. Top it all off with the brilliant, and very pretty, constellation locket, and there you have it, an outfit for two events.

Then the party happened. Rex loved being there, but his little eyes kept spying the cake. "Oooh, cake, momma, cake!" Eventually, and this was only after he had some of the yummy homemade tamales, we gave in, and got him a big piece of cake. Man, was he ever happy.

And then, and this is why I always have a drink or two on hand, Rex got on a chair, stood up, and then promptly fell forward onto this woman's driveway. And because Rex cannot do anything without it being dramatic (he is so going to have his own version of a dramatic diary when he gets older), WAILS so loudly I believe people in Reston, VA (other side of the county from us) can hear him. Grabbing my baby boy (it is amazing how fast a mom can move when their little birds are hurt) and snuggling him to my chest, I try to calm him down. It works, he is fine, I make some quip about "it really isn't a party until someone falls off of something...haha," and then I see the damage. Rex's cake covered hands have left chocolate icing all over my locket and my tiered cami.

To which I took a HUGE guzzle of Corona beer, walked over to the ice chest full of waters, and basically threw 10 ounces of Aquafina all over my blouse. Right now, my lovely blouse is hanging in my room waiting for the dry cleaner. Good thing about pretending the Aquafina was my own personal water ride at Disneyland? There are hardly any noticeable stains. Phew.

But I had to change...and because I was pressed for time, and because I also had never worn this sweater, I changed into this...

Yep, a dotted Boden Cardigan. I love this cardigan, love the grosgrain detail at the button placket, love the fit, love the pattern, etc. And it had the bonus of going with my pants (real hard there with khaki...heehee). The DC United fans must have been knocked over with this outfit (syke). :)

So there you go...a night with two outfits. :)

There is more to come, you all. BTW, I have commented back on many posts from this past week or check them out if you have left a comment recently!


Drewablank said...

You KNOW I always love hearing about your escapades with the kids! Rex is a helluva cutie! I could totally imagine all of you at Owen's and your neighbor's driveway. Hahaha! :D

Your outfits are soo cute! That's the outfit you were talking about! You're right, the cami is perfect with that vest. :) And you know what, I bet the DC United fans were mad jealous of that adorable dotted cardigan. I know I would've been!

HeidiG said...

Thank you for sharing the full story!! So kind of the waitress to move the other diners...

Love the 2 outfits story. Yeah, the soccer outfit...that totally looks like something I would wear - neutral city! But it's a fab cardi and I love the earlier outfit, too. Fastest I have ever moved in my life was at the beach when E was 2 and leaning over to get something in the pool at the beach house and fell in. I was Flash Gordon, no doubt. :)

Patina said...

I love that boden cardigan. so glad you posted IRL pics...I have always been curious about it. I sent an email to your school's email address. Did you get it????

amy kelinda said...

Wow, what adventures you have! It makes me wonder what I put MY mother through when I was a kid, haha! And even though your first outfit ended up smothered with cake, your second sweater is still adorable!

I'm sure that in the future, Rex will hear allll about these little escapades you both had together!

Kristin said...

What size are you wearing in the cardi? Both outfits are cute. Family restaurants are smart to put wine on the menus!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dina, I am a fan of you and your blog since I discovered it this spring. We actually have a few things in common. I am also an educator, I have a boy and a girl both under the age of 4, and my son and your daughter share a birthday! I also have a blood clotting disorder. So I feel I know you a bit through your blog and I have to ask, what do you do when Rex misbehaves like this to communicate to him that his behavior is unacceptable?

Also, as someone struggling with a JCrew habit, I am wondering if you could share how you balance your budget and your desires? You have mentioned that you have had to cut back since becoming a SAHM, no?

Thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

Oh Gosh, that dotted cardi from Boden looked so much like JCrew's cardi from a couple of years ago. Love it!

Thanks for sharing your story. I can understand why Rex was behaving the way he was. Poor little guy, but at least the evening was saved. I am gonna have to check out this restaurant next time we go to NC, my husband's parents live there. And I love wine!

dinagideon said...

Hi, everyone!!! We are busy watching our DVR before it explodes, so I thought I would type and watch Fringe at the same if something sounds off, I blame the show! ;)

Drewablanak: Yeah, you keep believing they are all cute and everything...just kidding!!!! I am loving them regardless of mood, etc., although wine and beer certainly help!

These outfits were fun, but I still say the DC United fans would have been more jealous of the tiered cami...


HeidiG.: My pleasure...I have been dying to tell you all but haven't had a ton of I am glad I found a few moments today!!!

Oh, wow, if that happened to me (what happened with E.), I know that I would have done the same terrifying for you!

Patina: If you find that Boden cardigan on Ebay, snag it! It is so comfortable, and it follows the curves of a body very would look SO good in it!

I did get your e-mail...thanks for reminding me to check it (which I should be able to do tomorrow a.m.)! :)

Amy Kelinda: Yes, that's it...ADVENTURES. I like that...

Rex will be for sure taking me and Mr. Dina on a cruise when he is making a ton of money as a CEO or something...and then we can act up at the formal dinner. :)

Kristin: I believe I bought the cardigan in a size 12 (or US size 6-8). It is a perfect fit...

Thank you for your comments, they are so sweet!

Anon at 4:30 pm: Well, thank you for coming on by and spending time at my blog, very cool!!!

Man, in regards to Rex's behavior and what we do to stop it, wow...I feel like we have tried almost everything...some to greater success than others. He really responds well to promises of future gain (like presents, trips to McDonalds, or even just getting to see the Mr. Men Show), but I know that bribery can't be the only way to solve these issues because at some point the id has to be reined a lot of times I take him to a quiet place (if available...often just a corner away from everyone) to "talk it out." Yesterday, after preschool, I talked to him, at his level (I knelt down) about what behaviors he did that made me very sad (like being too rough with other kids, etc.) and he listened. He does often repeat back what I say, which at least means he can hear it. I don't know if either will truly turn him into a more polite child, but I know that he knows I care...and really, kids need to know we care, so I guess as long as we do this (and overtly), we are doing our job pretty well!

I am so glad to know we have so much in common...that blood clotting disorder is such a pain in the patooty! I have to take a baby aspirin every night and tons of folate...and any time I hit my shin on something, I end up having these huge bruises because of the blood thinners I have to use. But at least I know that no blood clots can hurt any future babies that have to live inside of me!

Your son and my daughter are both born on September 18? Same year, too??? How cool!

In regards to my finances...we are LITERALLY taking it day by day, budgeting a certain amount on the cards, etc. for all things bought. I have fallen off the wagon, but at least in the back of my head, I have that magic number swirling, so I haven't fallen off too badly. Thank goodness. I also use my sub money to help pay off credit cards that I use for items I really don't want hubby paying for, like my J. Crew stuff. :)

Hope this you have any ideas on budgeting or reining in crazy babies???

Rosa: There was a dotted cardi from J. Crew like this? Wow!!! No wonder I like Boden so much...

You know, Rex is just a little kid, and I sometimes feel like he is unfairly judged for his actions...many people think that he is four because of his size...and Rex definitely is not a four-year old I am so glad there are awesome people like you out in the world...can you come with us to all the restaurants we go to with him? (Maybe Owen's--yum!!!)

Summerilla said...

Thanks for sharing - Oh Rex!! All I could think of was chocolate all over your beautiful cami staining it but I'm happy to hear about your water ride adventure with the aquafina that saved it!

Note to self when I have kids I will remember your rule of always having a drink or two on hand!!

Love the outfits!!

Anonymous said...

Here it is Dina:

dinagideon said...

Summerilla: Drinks are such a good thing...I definitely don't overdo it (not superfluous about it) but a glass of wine here or there? AWESOME!!! ;)

Rosa: OMG. It is almost identical. Wow!!! :) Good memory!