Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: A Couple of IRL Limited Edition OOTDs.

Hi, all! Welcome to part one of two separate Boden Weekly Review Roundups. Tonight's is the one featuring IRL reviews of two Limited Edition tops that are currently on sale and (currently?) available.

Part two will be focused on written reviews. I (and many blog friends) have many written thoughts on pieces and I figured a separate review post with those would be helpful. (I do plan on eventually uploading photos of the pieces I am doing written reviews of tomorrow, I just couldn't get all the IRL photos taken by tonight. Let's just say there are a lot of winners from my last round of purchases, WHEE, and they were on sale, too!)

I will include a direct link to the sale at the bottom of this post for the mobile viewers but you can also access the site through the affiliate links (if they are available). To view an item closer on me or my blog friend, Molly, click on our photos. To see the item's availability, etc. click on the link or photo provided below the review.

REMINDER: During the end of season sale, no additional % off discounts can be used, and all sales are charged shipping. I would try to get a few things in your basket (if you have more than one item you like) to at least save on shipping (which is a $10 flat rate regardless of how much or little you buy).

Silk Flower Top.  So this jersey top wasn't even ON my radar until a month ago when I was fooling around over at the Boden website seeing what Limited Edition offerings there were.  In fact the stock photo they use of the model highlights her cardigan (the impossible to find Palazzo Cardigan) more than the top.  After I opened up the item page, though, I was won over.  The detailing at the top of this flowy and soft looking jersey top was extraordinary.  And with me being pregnant, I knew that the jersey would comfortably see me through bigger belly now and a whole lot less (I hope!) belly later. 

I wore this top (pewter shade) to dinner tonight with a good friend (such a necessity for a SAHM...girls night out!).  I paired it with a Talbot's necklace, a pair of J Brand maternity jeans, and a pair of Boden T-strap heels from last year.  (Those J Brand jeans, btw, are awesome from mid-pocket down to the hem...but the waistband IS HUGE.  I bought the size 29 because they said to size down, but based on how the jeans fit me, I could have easily fit in the 28 or even 27.   In one of the photos from tonight you will see my "support" belt's outline that I use to hold up my maternity pants.  This belt is meant to help hold up your belly, not your pants. What up, J Brand?)

From the back.  This color in this photo most accurately represents the color of the top.  You can also see how the top's neckline (all silk, with the floral detailing on front) extends to the back.  This is a top that would definitely cost more at J. Crew (even at full price) and would most likely have wonky seams.  Sorry, J. Crew.

Closer detailed shot of the neckline in the front.  Very pretty and very subtle.  The jersey is nice and comfortable.  It is literally heaven for us pregnant ladies.  I bought a size 6 which fits fine now, and will be loose and flowly postpartum.

This color pairs nicely with the Lexington jacket in the azalea colorway from 2007.  Really pretty pop of color for this basic neutral shade (although it says "pewter," I would say the color is a warm grey/brown shade).

Rex, btw, is wearing the icon t-shirt, his fave from Boden's fall line.  :)  Love the face he is making.  Likely he is making it at the outline of the support belt.

Close up of the two colors together.  I look forward to pairing these together again in the future and maybe even buttoning the jacket.  Oh, the novelty!

Silk Flower Top. Comes in a beautiful berry shade and a navy shade as well, but this top sells fast. Even though it wasn't reduced a tremendous amount, it is seeming to be a popular choice. I picked it up during a 30% promo and barely got it, so I was surprised that it has even popped back. But having said that, watch for popbacks, this top is worth it!

(Couldn't find an affiliate link, but you can click on the link I have embedded in the name to see the item closer up and see availability.)

Jewelled Ruffle Top.  Molly (of the very fun blog My Closet Travels) wrote me a couple of days ago to let me know how THRILLED she was that she took the plunge on this top.  :) 

She sent me this photo of her wearing the top today and I love how she has paired it up with truly unique and special accent pieces, yet still allowing for the sumptuous shade and embellishments of the top to stand out.  :)

She writes of this top:
Hi, I ordered the top is a size bigger than I would normally take at J Crew as I wasn't sure how the sizes really ran. It's my first "top" purchase and first purchase in about 7 yrs.

It slips overhead and it's extremely comfortable and versatile. I have worn it with a cardi and without one. Love the color too. I wore this with jeans Monday and with dress pants today. I think it would be cute paired with a black skirt as well.


I is love.  :)  I think Molly will help sell this top out.   Thanks, Molly!

Jewelled Ruffle Top
Jewelled Ruffle Top. Also comes in navy and a very light grey shade.

Alrighty, all, I am getting tired, I hope you all have a great night!

Link for the sale is below!  Happy (Sale) Shopping!

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