Monday, July 9, 2012

Scenes from Miami!

Hey, all.  I was all, "ooh, I haven't published any of my photos from Miami on my blog...must get those done."  So I went into active mode today and got all the editing and junk done (after I waited with bated breath for the Boden sale to commence, of course, lol).  :)

I plan to publish the "Outfits from Miami" post tomorrow, but tonight I will bore entertain you with the more family/atmospheric photos from the trip we took in early June.

Most of the photos speak for themselves, so I will just add a few words below each to give you a teeny bit more info on where the photo was taken or what was going on.

Miami first day.  It was cloudy and stormy but we "weathered" it.  Groan.  :)

My bro downloaded a few films to my Kindle Fire.  Loss of hard drive space worth it for the priceless feeling of "OMG, he's isn't bothering the entire plane."  It's Finding Nemo if any of you want to know Rex's vice.

Aw.  He's yawning.  That's all I have to say about this photo.

CW looks so pretty here.  And Angus looks far too contented.  Doesn't he know he is on a cramped plane?

We found this cool arty stained glass window display in the Miami airport.  It was possibly the best thing about the Miami airport.

They look like they get along all the time, don't they?  Such con artists.

No words needed.

The lifeguard stands were brilliant...both in design and in hue.

Somehow he fell asleep, even without the aid of the bjorn.

CW has hints of future sassiness in this shot.

We actually saw this rainbow on the first day.  See clouds and storms are worth "weathering."  Groan, part two.

CW takes some great photos, but this is one of my all time favorites.

Target collaborated with this store to create some pretty cute items.  CW and I are wearing two of their collab pieces in the last few shots here in this post.

The best day for the beach was the second day, when the sun was bright and the water was clear.  Sadly days three and four did not afford such nice weather, sigh.

The water was calm enough that my scaredy cat kids had no problem frolicking and playing.  (I know, I am a swim coach, you would think my kids would be able to swim no problem.  You would be wrong.)  ;)

You all have seen this photo before, but I couldn't resist showing it again.  So freaking cute.  Gah!

I have a pic of me doing this pose at 16.  If only I could have my teenage jawline again, I would be set.

I have no idea how Rex did this.  Kids and their flexibility.  Scary.  This is at the Miami Marlins stadium, btw.

The Nationals gear was not superfluous.  They were actually playing that night.

After the game, the kids continued to play on the oversized letters that litter the outside of the stadium.

All parents should visit children's museums with their kids.  After all, how often can you say that you've been in the company of a giant pink snail?  Thought so. 

Rex should become a cop.  That means he will use his power for good.  Not evil.  ;)

Clearly I want to use my power for good, not evil, too.  Angus seems to agree.

 CW will use her power to help stuffed puppies regain their sight.

They had a baby room in the Miami Children's museum, too.  Rex, although five, seems to find the toys more than agreeable for his needs.  Angus was perfectly happy to share.

That night, I drank my 211th cocktail of the trip.  This was at Sushi Samba, which is on Lincoln Road.  I want to point out that they thought nothing of us bringing the kids in there to eat at 9:30 pm at night.  I suspect they thought we were from Europe.  Or they just thought we were crazy and are used to it...or something.  LOL.

Loved the decor of the restaurant.  Those lights above are ridiculously cool.  And likely expensive, which might explain why our meal cost so much.  (But it was SO good we said we would go back in a heartbeat.  After we save up for six months or so.)

The sign says: Virginia Oysters, Large, Meaty, Salty.  Ha.

Posing on Lincoln Ave.  I am just that cool.  Chortle.

I just liked this hotel.  Very South Beach, no?

On the last day we were able to spend the morning at the beach (so two days at the beach total), and again, utterly perfect.  Love this beach.  Wish we had one like this a bit closer to DC.

Darling.  I caught her, and she had no idea.  I hope she likes this photo when she gets older.  I used to bite my nails, too.  I have something like twenty photos like this in my baby photo album.

We were at Monkey Jungle, which is this preserve for all sorts of monkeys.  Anyhow, you could buy seeds and such and put them in the saucer thing CW is holding and the monkeys would come along and hoist it up so they could get the goods.  The kids were fans.  I just wanted to spread their whole bodies with antibacterial gel after each "feeding," but I let my OCD tendencies go for the afternoon.

Here we are near the monkey lagoon area.  We are both in the Webster for Target items I mentioned earlier. 

That monkey loved CW.  I think it wanted to hold hands with her.

Rex wore that Burger King crown hat the whole trip (he got it the day before).  I think he may have even worn it on the plane (it made it through TSA screening).

Last photo.  Gus's hair cracks me up here.
That's it.  I hope you enjoyed.  :)  Miami outfits tomorrow.  Have a great night!