Friday, July 13, 2012

Boden: New Price Reductions to Sale.

I am going to make this short, sweet, and to the point!  There are many items over at Boden that have been reduced further, up to 70% off in some cases.  I had noticed that the price tag of my shopping bag had gotten smaller, and I thought maybe they were offering free shipping, but nope, that still costs $10.  Instead I saw that one of my items was now 60% off.  :) 

Check your shopping bag if you have one with items in may see reductions in your items, too.

Here are a few of the items I noticed with further reductions (keep in mind there are many more than this, though):
Watercolour Floral Dress.  This is from the limited edition line.  Originally $228, now $68.40.  The other color is also on sale for this amount.

Iris Dress.  Guess the ladies aren't loving the purple this season.  ;)  Originally $228, now $68.40.  The other color is $114.

Evie DressI wore this on Easter and am looking forward to pulling it out again.  (It has just enough stretch to fit then and now, lovely silk jersey fabric.)  Originally $188, now $75.20.  The other color is sold out.

Festival Mini.  This shade and the ivory shade are on sale from $68 to $27.20.  The tan shade is only reduced by a bit (that shade is nearly sold out).  I loved the way they styled this skirt in the catalog with a breton striped top.

Festival Mini on model.  This shade skirt is the one that is near full price, but I can see the blue version above with an orange striped tee, or the white version paired with a pink striped tee.

Regatta Dress.  This one was $98, but is now $39.20.  I have and wore the orange dotted regatta dress recently, but only this shade above is on super sale (and the orange dotted is all sold out, anyhow).  If you love this shape and love this print, then this is a great price for a wonderful dress.

Beaded Embellished Tunic.  If you recall, I have last fall's version.  I went up a size to accommodate my hips and it still fit great.  I adore this style, but it seems that I may be one of only a handful of women who like this look (or it may be that this style is more appropriate for fall and winter).  Anyhow, it was $188, and now the beaded embellished tunic is $56.40 (both colors, btw).  That's 70% off.  :)

Chino Shorts.  These Johnnie b shorts are adorable, and if you wear between a misses size 00-10, you should be able to wear these.  The measurements for the size 32 are fine for my body, so the fit is quite generous for a junior's line.  The dotted pair you see above are 50% off.

Okay, that's all, I should be back later today with an ootd post.

Happy (further sale) shopping.  :)

Any of you notice any other great deals out there?