Saturday, July 28, 2012

Boden: Riviera Shirt Dress...Sexy?

Seriously pretty, but sexy?  Hmm.  I guess if you are French, maybe?
I have changed things up here at My Superfluities, and I promise the change does actually have something to do with Boden's super "sexy" Riviera Shirt Dress, but more on that in a mo.

I changed the blog background color (white, which I have discovered I prefer as a background, makes the text easier to read), the text font (needed to update from Times New Roman, you all, get all internet savvy), and the blog list (so many dead end links from the old one, yikes).  I also changed the header from me wearing a sassy gold J. Crew skirt, striped tank, and sunglasses to one where I am wearing the subject of this blog post, the fall 2012 version of the Riviera Shirt Dress.

I do plan on reviewing the current version of this dress, but I am going to do that when I have more time, for now I want to see if you agree with the French National Assembly, do you think this dress deserves wolf whistles?  If so, then you are in good company.

To see more on what I am talking about, check out The Sun's (UK) coverage of the French Housing Minister, Cecile Duflot, being subjected to cat calls and loud yells as she wore this during a recent speech in Paris.

I think Ms. Duflot does look incredibly lovely and it wonderfully suits her figure, but sexy?  I don't know.  Here in the US, this would be a dress that men would say, "you look so nice," but not so much, "oh, baby, I am taking you home!"

In all fairness, my brother and my husband both approved of the dress as I wore it in the header photo, but more on a "I like the way the dress looks on you," not in a "hubba hubba" way.  (That would have been especially disturbing coming from my bro.  Blah!  LOL.)

I have this dress in the same colorway as the Housing Minister (can't resist this shape!), and I wore it in this blog post, when I was going to my son's CATHOLIC school.  I think it is quite funny that what I considered quite modest for the visit was most definitely not by a bunch of French men.  ;)