Monday, July 9, 2012

Miami: The Outfits.

Hi, all!

Today I am publishing all of my outfits from the Miami trip that we took back in early June.  Last night I published a post with lots and lots and lots of family type photos, so if you are a fan of my kids and my hubby, go on over there to take a look.  ;)

Onto the outfits!
Day One. If you open the photo you will see the info on the individual bits of this outfit.  I was glad the shorts with the embroidered fish matched the top well enough.  I could have worn this outfit again (second outfit), but I really wanted to be more festive on my first day in Miami.  Now looking back, I prefer the way I wore the outfit last year, but this one didn't get any tomatoes thrown at it, so I guess it wasn't over the top offensive.  ;)

CW was wearing her outfit from the plane, a dress from baby Boden (it sold out already, that was fast).

Day One (night) and Day Three (night).  I love Boden's maxi dresses.  I now have three and have worn them constantly through last summer and this summer.  I never, ever considered even buying one years ago.  I have seen the light, ladies.

I don't normally rewear a dress twice on a short vacation, but the other dress I had brought, this one from Liberty of London for Target was too small on my now more full bustline (thanks, Angus!).

I had purchased these earrings from Anthro on super sale a while back and love how large they are.  I was expecting something smaller, but was pleasantly surprised when they came, I prefer the visual impact these have.

Day Two.  I knew we would just be hanging out not doing a whole lot (outside of walking around and taking in the sights), so I opted for super easy casual.

Day Three.  I wasn't sure if I would be able to wear this particular outfit (I brought a tee just in case it was too hot for the sweatshirt), but that day was a bit rainy and cloudy. The outfit was only really too warm at around 2 pm after the sun had come out.

I really do love that printed skirt by the J. Crew factory.  I have another version of this skirt that I last wore here.  From what I recall, the above skirt sold out in one or two days.  Ridiculous.  Some items at J. Crew never sell out and sit in final sale for MONTHS and then there are ones like this skirt, proving more popular.  And I never know which one it will be...

Day Four.  Much warmer this day, so I pulled out all J. Crew for this look.  The silk of the casbah top is insanely soft and perfect for a day like that, when humidity threatens to suffocate.

CW wore her tropical princess look, courtesy of Carter's.  ;)

Another view of the outfit.

Day Four (Night).  You all have seen this one already, when I did a review of it here.  This Everyday Summer Dress is currently in the clearance section over at Boden, for $58.50.  This color was the only one not threatening to sell out.  I don't get it, but whatever.  I didn't even consider the other colors, I loved this shade and pattern so much.  :)

CW is also in Boden, but baby Boden.  Her dress is long gone (it may not have even made it to the sale).

Day Five.  Since we were in Miami, I figured we could wear our The Webster for Target pieces at least one of the days.  I am actually in a girls top, size 14-16.  It fits perfectly, btw.  (Kind of like crewcuts, the size 14 is sized similar to a misses size 4.)

Miami Packing 2012.

Above is my packing polyvore.  

Okay, that's it.  This post was so much easier to get done.  I guess when you don't have 37 photos (!!!) to publish, it is gonna be easier.  :)

Talk soon!