Monday, July 16, 2012

OOTD: Antique Paisley and a Devi Tank.

Hi, everyone!  It is 6:47 am here in sunny San Diego.  :)  That's right, we're in California on our usual "every two year" visit back to my birthplace. 

So far we have seen lots of friends (many of our DC friends end up transplanting here, we can't say we blame them) and have slowly caught up to the right time (even though I am still exhausted by 8 pm and up at 5:30 am).

I will likely publish any pictures from this trip after we get home (a la the Miami trip), but when I get a chance I will still update this blog, even if it is just a short ootd post.

On this Friday morning, I definitely will be publishing a post, as that is the morning that the Boden Autumn 2012 drops for real.  You saw many of the items they will be releasing in the preview (which I discussed here and here), but to see the whole site switch over is still pretty darn magical.  It also will include the mini Boden items which were not part of the preview (to many parents' dismay), so there will be things that your eyes have not seen (well, if you look for those sorts of things, doubtful if you don't have rugrats in your life).

Anyhow, just wanted to let you know why I have been MIA since Friday morning and why so many comments are unanswered.

Onto the outfit post:
Top: Devi Tank from Anthropologie.
Shorts: 3 inch short in antique paisley.  I am wearing a size 10 here for those of you who may want to buy them and they popback at  Right now J. Crew is having a 40% off sale, so I wanted folks to see this IRL just in case they are tempted by these pretty shorts.  They are short, but since I sized up from the size 8 that I usually wear in J. Crew pants, they hit lower on my hipbones, allowing me to pull then down a bit more so they aren't as scandalously short as they would have been in an 8.  The fabric does stretch, too, which I liked, they were very comfortable.
Shoes: Lila Patent Platform Wedges.  I got these in a size 10, which is a 1/2 size up from my J. Crew shoe size.  These are so comfortable, I had a hard time believing I was in 3 inch platforms.  My other pair of wedge sandals, the Cleo ones, are also very comfy, so J. Crew has hit homeruns with this style of shoe.  These are also on ridiculous sale right now.  :)
Sunglasses: These are from Target, the polyvore set has the A.R. Trapp ones I own.  I don't have these frames clipped to polyvore, but that's okay, none of you are OCD about my polyvore items, so it doesn't even matter.

Speaking of all should see me in the days before a long trip.  I have an insanely lengthy must-do and must-pack list and I will not rest until they are all checked off.  The packing commences a week beforehand, and all last minute items are bought the day before.  The day I wore this outfit I was heading to Target with Angus to pick up almost everything (outside of a sink) you could imagine.  My favorite item I picked up that day?  Baby Wipes.  No, I kid.  But that gives you an idea of just how mundane this particular shopping trip was.  I should have worn beige from head to toe instead of this yellow look...the beige would have been far more appropriate.  :)

Do any of you go all crazy OCD before a trip or are you more like my hubby and wait till the night before to pack?  (This is probably why we are married...we are opposite enough in our lives that we need each other.  He can't read a map or parallel park to save his life.  I can do both, with absolutely no issues.  I hate driving, he is a calm, cool, collected driver.  See!  Perfect.  LOL.)

I had seen the Devi tank at the Anthro on F Street in DC the other day.  I had my bday coupon (15% off), so I went ahead and added this to my tiny shopping spree (I had a budget that I had to stick to).  This was the only one on the rack and I wasn't sure if the style was going to work, but it ended up being more flattering than I anticipate.  Definite win, and at a great price.

Antique Paisley and a Devi Tank.

Above is the polyvore of the set.

Okay, that's all.  I hope to get on-line and write another post before Friday, but if not, have a great week!