Sunday, July 8, 2012

Boden: Finally. Clearance Time!

11:51 AM: It's ON!  I just checked through the link at the bottom of this post and the sale is live.  Yay!  :)  More on the sale later this afternoon.  

Folks--I have just got back from reading the Boden Facebook page and they gave it away...tonight (for the UK, at least) is the beginning of the clearance sale for Boden Spring/Summer 2012 items.  I suspect that if the UK sale starts tonight, that means it will start for the US customers at the same time, which if the UK is five hours ahead of us here on the east coast, means that it should start around noon or 1 pm.

(I also had heard about the sale possibly dropping today from two blog friends, Louise and Marcia.  Thank you both!)

I have been through this process enough to give some tips.

1. The sale time means that there are no additional discounts NOR any free shipping and returns.  I highly recommend that you try to get all your "must have" sale items in one basket and get them at the same time.  This way you will only be charged a $10 shipping fee once, not multiple times on multiple baskets.  Having said that, I have encountered a long elusive sold out item that suddenly pops back during sale time, and rather than risk it selling out, I will buy the popback as a one off and suck up the shipping cost.

2. The sale items go fast for certain types of clothing.  Mini Boden sells fast and furious as most parents (I get this, btw) cannot stomach buying kids' clothing at full price or near full price when their kids will be encountering growth spurts and may not fit into the clothes the next year (which is why I always buy my kids own clothing a size bigger--except in swimwear or pjs, which does need to be fitted).  Women's clothing sells at a much slower pace, but the staples of any wardrobe like tees and tops do sell a bit faster.  And if any item had been hot (and some of the colors had sold out, like as we saw in the favourite jersey maxi dress), the other colors are likely to sell out, too.

3. I do want you all to remember not be too rash in decision-making, though, so take the time to look at measurements for the clothing (each item has a garment measurement for each size) and consult the Boden Weekly Review Roundups for extra info and photos (there are many items from the past season reviewed on real people, including yours truly).

4. I also know that some items DO NOT go on sale right away, so if you don't see your favorite item, it may be part of the "round two" sale items, which usually go on sale the next week.

The Boden link in my sidebar does get you to the site, but right now the site says that it is currently unavailable.  However, at any moment it could turn over to the sale.  (In fact, if any of you see it turn over, I would love it if you could make the announcement in the comments, I am running around a bit today and may not be able to update the blog as quickly as I would like).

Mobile users, here is a link to make your life easier:
Shop at Boden!

Have a great day, and enjoy your (sale) shopping!