Thursday, July 5, 2012

OOTD: Orange Stripes and Feather Paisley.

Hi, all! 

First things first, thank you to everyone who commented at my last post letting me know to keep my chin held high, roll with the punches, and everything would be fine.  And it was...of course.  We have power back (finally--and not Saturday like I initially thought--I HEART you, Dominion Power), which makes everything seem just a bit brighter (ha, pun not intended).  We will have to replace the food in the fridge (bright side--we got to clean out the fridge, definitely needed it) and we will need to replace the skylights in our aviary (we have a second small structure on our property that used to house exotic birds, really, you can see the door to it in this pic)*, but that appears to be it.

Second, for all the Boden fans out there, I am as struck by the sheer lateness of the sale's arrival as I am sure many of you are.  Turns out (I learned this on Facebook) years ago Boden would wait until the 7th or 8th of July before doing their summer clearance sale, it has only been recently where it came earlier.  I gather they are returning to their roots, so to speak.  Having said that, I bet you money that the sale starts tomorrow.  (Don't make me a liar, Johnnie!)

Third, I am going to get back on track with my ootd postings (so so so backlogged!), starting with this church outfit I wore recently on Father's Day.

The top is actually from a company called Green Envelope, and I found it at TJ Maxx for $12.  I have so many orange hued skirts and shorts and pants that this top was a no-brainer.  I didn't have an orange striped top, so it was an easy decision (having said that, I do have a superfluity of striped tops, just like every other J. Crew Aficionada out there).

If you open up the photo, you can see the details on the outfit.

The shoes are the Marci Patent Wedges, which crazily enough are still full price on line.  I went to the Fair Oaks store a while back and bought these for some good deal or another (there was a 30% off at the time), so I was surprised that they are not on sale yet on line.

They are fairly comfortable, especially after wearing it a few times, allowing the patent leather to stretch a bit.  I took my tts J. Crew size, 9.5.  They run narrow which works for my narrow feet, but if you have wider feet, you will likely want to size up.  The color was a great match for the oranges in the top, the skirt, and the necklace.

After church, Mr. Dina snapped this shot of Angus and me.  I LOVE Angus's outfit, the adorable fish-printed Hawaiian shirt is my favorite.

Rex brought out his inner prep that day by popping his collar on his crewcuts (factory) polo shirt and by doing the best frat boy sneer.  That sneer is cute now, but if he does that when he is in his early 20s, I will have a few words to say to him about his attitude.  Frat boys bug me with their "better than you" attitude.  (Now, now, I know not all frat boys are obnoxious, but the stereotype is there for a reason.)  :)

Orange Stripes and Feather Paisley.

Polyvore is above.

You all have a great day, will be back on here tomorrow with news of a sale (I hope!).

*Mr. Dina wants me to point out that we did not build this aviary, it was the fella who lived here in  2000, he was a bit of an eccentric based on what the neighbors tell us.  Currently the aviary is sitting there dormant.  I have zero plans to take up birding, so don't expect me to start a bird blog anytime soon.  ;)