Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Endless Chevrons, Castle Lake, and a Silver Lining...

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I am continuing my summer series on the sundress by doing a special Anthropologie post. :) You all know I love me some crew, but man, the Anthro store gets me every. darn. time. Only rarely do I see anything in the Anthro catalog and say, "I have to have." But get me in an actual store, and watch dinagideon go cah-ray-zee. (The Endless chevrons is an exception to this rule, btw...the catalog image did me in, 100%.)

Above is the set I wore on my birthday, for the party my husban threw for me (on three, awww!). I wanted to save the Endless Chevrons dress for an extra-special occasion, and I think a beautiful July day is a great reason. ;)

I had to buy the Endless Chevrons dress full price. I don't know if they made less because it is Anna Sui, but I saw the sizes going away and I knew I would have to just suck it up and order it. I am glad I did because by the time it went on sale, there were only a few left in a 4 or 10?

The catalog image was very pretty and when I saw it way back in March (?), I kind of knew it would be mine.

Dress: Size 6. The 4 would have fit better at the bust, but I needed the room in the hips. Still love this design, I think it is very flattering in general. The name Endless Chevrons comes from the very faint chevron designs printed in light brown onto the bright turquoise background. Love the collar detail, btw.
Shoes: Size 10. Cole-Haan, you have such wonderful shoes. :)

As with any birthday party over age 21, dinagideon was able to "enjoy" the evening with a few lovely beverages. By the time we got to my cake (pretty--look at that rose!), I was pretty sauced. Can you tell?

I love how Rex is looking at his pretty friend, his pretty friend is looking at me (probably wondering what in the heck I am doing), and his pretty friend's brother is staring longingly at the cake.

Size small. This is the Castle Lake dress and there are so many people who wear this so well. Seriously, do a google search for "Castle Lake" "Anthropologie" and you will see all the beautiful ladies who have purchased this dress and then have found some fantastic way to wear it. I almost returned it, but after seeing all their styling ideas, I was inspired to keep it. I like it belted, and with wedge sandals.
Belt: Size small. This is the studded leather belt and was a FRACTION of its on-line cost at the Georgetown J. Crew. It is 68 on-line, and I was able to get it for under 40. The stores are where you should get this belt. It is highway robbery to buy it on-line when the stores are selling it for cheaper. Get thee to a b & m, stat.
I like the way the studs kind of help keep this outfit from being too sweet (although its effect is very subtle).
Shoes: Size 9.5. Love you, Aerosoles, so comfy, and like my favorite food when I was younger, you comfort me with your cheapness.

P.S. I wore this TONIGHT! Yay, me. An actual ootd. Heehee.

Above is the polyvore of the outfit I wore in California to church. If you recall, I was going for a color theme while in CA of grey, teal, and white. The silver in the silver lining dress reads light grey, so it worked with the theme, AND it is very packable (no wrinkling--score), so it was the perfect choice. This is available on-line still and I do think that if you can wear this version of grey, you should consider purchasing it.

Size small. This dress runs true to size, which is nice. I am finding I am having to dip into a lot of extra-smalls at Anthro, and that seems foreign to me, so I am doing a bunch of returns on items that are too big...I have found that if I read the reviews first (uh, duh!), I can feel my way to the right size, and the three dresses in this post all were sized based on reviews. I am very pleased that Anthro offers this option (hint, hint, J. Crew).
Cardigan: Size medium. Love it, from J. Crew last spring.
Shoes: Size 10. The cinema t-straps have given me way more wear than I ever expected. Sort of am shocked at how versatile they are.
Necklace: Fiona Paxton Silver Harley Necklace. Can I just give a big ole shout-out to my friend who moderates the blog MODA for pointing out to me that Gilt Groupe would be having a Fiona Paxton sample sale? Umm, yes, please. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have a second lovely Fiona Paxton necklace!!! YAY! :)

You all have a great night. More later, remember enter my GIVEAWAY!